Happy Family

What did we do today?

Morning free play:

         First we did our morning jobs which includes, putting our snack, lunch and drink bottles away. Then choosing a job for the day and then writing our name in the sign in book. When we finished with that some of us wanted to play with people and dominoes from the closet. We also had two puzzles that we continued working on from yesterday, and also played in the kitchen. It been a while since the kitchen has been open because we were working on our body outline project.

Circle time:

We started our circle time singing the “Hello, how are you?” song.  Most of our friends were happy but a few said they are sad, excited and angry. Wil said, “I’m sad because I want to be back home.”, Tai said, “I’m excited because I want to go to the park!” and Li said, “I’m angry because.. I don’t know.” It’s great that we have all sorts of different emotions and we can share why we feel that way.

Our body outlines are finally done and decorated and they look wonderful on the wall. We thought about each character carefully and came up with their own identities. Kai asked us what we should call the four figures we have on the wall. 

Gr: Family. We finished our family.

Wi: Maybe friends.

We took a vote to see what we should call our project. We ended up calling it “Happy Family”


Next task of our happy family is to make them individuals like all of us. Some of the members already have names but others didn’t, so we named them, made up where they’re from, their favorite color (based on the clothes that they’re wearing), and how old they are. We started with Ava on the right and went down the line. Naming, giving a birth place and giving a favorite color was easy for us but it was difficult to think about their age. Ava is 5 years old so Mama can’t be younger right? 12?30?11?


Kai: How old is your mom?

A: My mom is 22!

Te: My mom is anything.


We looked at Shelley, Maki, Hisami and Kai to guess their age and to see who is older or younger. We also took a closer look at the eyes again to see what makes eyes look young or old. We looked at Te and Shelley’s eyes.


Gr: Shelley’s eyes are closer together.

Kai: look under the eyes what’s different about them?

Te: The waves.

After the brief digression, we continued building our characters. Here are the results.

Right to Left

Name: Ava

Age: 3.5

Nationality: Hong Kong

Favorite color: Purple

Name: Mama


Nationality: Indian

Favorite color: Red

Name: Jack


Nationality: Indian

Favorite color: Blue


Name: Barbie

Age: 5

Nationality: Indian

Favorite color: Pink



There were lots of friends at the park today because the weather was so nice! The Buds class were already there and Petals came to joined us later. On top of that J’s, ABC and Sunny Hill all showed up to play. We also had a special activity today. What could it be?

Special Activity:


We had a chance to plant new flowers in our community garden at the park today! We are lucky enough to have a plot of land at Step Park. Two or Three times a year we get the opportunity to plant seasonal flowers. This time was special because we had a film crew with us. The community gardens around Minato municipality are usually tended for by companies or adults so it’s very rare that a kindergarten helps the community. The municipality gave us flowers, soil, fertilizer and all the materials we needed to plant. We loosened up the soil, carried the new flowers beside the garden, dug holes, planted the flowers and then covered it up. At the very end we poured fertilizer on it and watered it. It was a lot of fun getting dirty and helping our community. Hisami even had an interview at the end of park time. We can wait to see her on the big screen and see how our flowers will flourish!

This week ended beautifully with the sun showing its face so we can go outside to play. We can’t forget about the Otsukimi that we celebrated at the beginning of the week and all the projects that we’ve worked on throughout. We hope you’ve had an amazing week as well!


Flowers Class Children


Ohana International School