Our faces in many Shapes

Ohayougozaimasu! What at a beautiful day we had today! It was a tad bit chilly in the morning, but as the sun started to shine brighter it got very warm. We were all so full of energy, we couldn’t wait to get to school and play, hoping go to the park and run! We arrived at school with a great big smile, some of our friends were a bit sad to leave their mommies and daddies, but after they got inside the classroom they quickly finished their jobs and got straight to having fun! Out on the carpet area we had the wooden blocks and the people figures. The people figures all had different jobs. We worked along side our teachers and made buildings for them. We got all the red blocks and built and a fire station for the firefighters, we used blue blocks to build the police station for the policemen. On the activity table we had a new game ready for us. On the table were pictures of birds, we had to find two pictures that were the same. Our older friends could easily match the pictures so our teachers made it a lot more difficult but turning them over and making it into a memory game. With the assistance of our teachers we were able to have fun completing the game and have a good morning brain workout while at it. We had a real neat art activity prepared for us this morning. We continued with our Dress-up Painting art. Yesterday, we pasted the muffin cups on the art to decorate the dress. Today, we were going to make the skirt. Our teachers got the edge of the paper with that was attached to the notebook. They cut them into very thin strips and it made for a perfect frill for the perfect skirt! We used a stick to scoop out some glue and spread it on the canvas, we then would grab the frills and past them on the skirt. It is amazing to work together with our friends and see our art evolve everyday!

Today’s circle time was led by Nimo, we all got into a circle and did some quick movements and we moved right along into circle time. Nimo did a quick review about what we did yesterday with John, how we looked into the steel disks and saw our faces. Nimo wanted to continue with that so he prepared for us several items of different shapes and sizes to see if we could see ourselves, or not. Before us was a silver tray, an oven tray, a spoon, mirrors, a silver sphere, and a plain tissue box. We took a look at each one and noticed something different about each one. It was really cool to see some materials showed our faces a lot clearer than the others. The spoon amazed us the most! The front side of the spoon reflected our face normally, but as soon as we turned the spoon around our faces flipped upside down. Even if we turned the spoon upside down our faces were still upside down, it was so mysterious! We had our snacks and we were off to the park. There was no way were going to stay inside with the sun smiling down on us so warmly. We got to finally play in the playground today, we loved playing in the sand and got all sandy, sorry if we bring a lot home with us today. We had a super fun day at school today and we are so excited for another day at Ohana! See you all tomorrow!

Love, The curious little children of Buds 2019