Our first gym class with Miyashita-sensei!


          It's another great day in Buds class. The rain was pouring during our drop-off time so it was a bit challenging for all of us to get in the classroom especially when we got here by car. Thanks to our ever-patient teachers and parents and we all managed to arrive at school with a big smile on our faces. Some of our friends came back from a long vacation and we just missed playing with them. They were a bit having second thoughts of just getting inside and play with all of us but later on, it was all easy and fun in the classroom. For our activity tables, we tried tracing our feet so that we could put in on our portfolio. Most of us were focused in doing other activities like playing with cars, completing the puzzles and manipulating the shredded paper on our sensory tables.

            We were also busy playing with kitchen area and it was really good that we’re starting to develop good relationships and showing care to those who are around us. Another thing that we value in our class is to learn how to socialize not just with our friends but also with our teachers. We’re starting to trust our teachers more and we know that they trust us a lot in what we can do and achieve in the classroom.  So far, it was so fun and easy being in Buds class.

            Today is Monday and our teachers told us that Miyashita-sensei will come to play with us again. Some of us haven’t met him before but it was really fun to be with him so we all participated well in his activities and learned many things like movement and special calisthenics with our friends and teachers. Of course, we did our first warm-up like stretching and jumping around the classroom. Oh, and by the way, we are now doing our gym lesson in our classroom so it’s more convenient for us to move around rather than going up and down the building.

            For our circle time, we met our friend doll Lily again. She played with us and showed what she could do with her feet. We also took our socks and shoes off and started feeling the carpets. The first carpet was really soft because it’s made of cotton and the other one felt a little rough because it’s made of straw. We then put the ankle bells and we all started dancing and making sounds with them. We danced around the classroom and of course, it’s so enjoyable to see our friends having a wonderful time with music again.

            We did a short violin session with Nimo and we’re always thankful to have such amazing teachers who can share their talents with us. Next time, Chiaki will do animal yoga and we’re looking forward to experienceit with her. Thank you so much and have a great day!

Lots of love,

All the fantastic children from Buds class 2017-2018

Ohana International School