Move !! Groove !! Believe !! Dream !!

September 6th, 2017

Dear Parents,

We had so much fun walking barefoot on the wavy tactile path today. It felt weird at first and then we were enjoying it. There were dots and lines on the path and our teachers believe that it generates suitable stimulation to our foot soles. The curve on the path allows our foot arch to experience optimal stretch. We walked windingly, in circles and it helps us to understand the body’s center of gravity as well as enhances our muscle development, movement coordination and flexibility. There were ocean animals in the middle of the path and some of us pretended to go fishing as we walked. We even had one fishing line and we took turns to play with it and catch the fish.



We were very happy to see our sensory bin turn into a construction site. There was wet mud, tractors, cranes, cement mixer and even construction workers. We pretended to prepare the ground to build a school. Few of our friends worked on their fine motor skills and did threading. Some of us spent a long time working on the story board in which we had to find the right objects and match it to the picture. We spoke to ourselves and sometimes to our friends and teacher as we explained what the story could be. In the craft table, we worked on the birthday card for Lisa, Alex and teacher Kai.


As usual, many of us enjoyed playing in the home corner. However, when it was time to clean up, we just shoved the toys inside the toy kitchen. When our teachers observed that, we were asked to rearrange all of the toys. We learnt that we need to be careful when we pack the plates and bowls because it was made of glass. Glass is fragile and can break easily hence we need to handle it carefully and stack it together as we place it inside the toy kitchen. We saw how our teachers packed away the toy food and cutlery and the rest of the utensils and we hope we can pack away just as beautifully tomorrow.  

After snacks, we went to the park to play and were so happy to see the muddy puddles. We jumped on it and that made our clothes dirty. We love messy play and didn’t worry much about soiling our clothes. Many of us touched it to feel it with our hands.

In the circle time, we again spoke about good manners and its importance. Pooja wanted a book and she grabbed it from Sayaka. This made Sayaka very upset and she was almost going to cry. We were upset too as we watched the whole scene. We asked Pooja to apologize, which she did. After that she used kind words to ask Sayaka for the book. She said ‘Please can I read the book when you are done?’. Sayaka nodded her head and said ‘sure’. Then Pooja said ‘thank you’. This made both Pooja and Sayaka happy. We observed how important good manners are to make good relationships.  Then we read the first song in the book ‘Mother Goose Manners’. It went like this –

‘Little Jack Horner

Sat in a corner,

Eating a Christmas pie.

He put in his thumb

And pulled out a plum

And said

“What a good boy am I?”

After reading and singing the song, we discussed if Jack Horner was showing good manners while eating. We thought next time he should probably use a fork to eat his pie. We agreed to not be like Jack and use our cutlery when we eat our food. Using our spoons, forks and chopsticks when we eat is good manners.



All the well behaved children in Petals Class

Ohana International School