The Golden Class Rules

September 1st, 2017

Dear Parents,

We had a super last day of the first week in school. This week was all about getting into our new routines and settling in. Now most of us know the morning jobs we need to do and a few of us can already do it without much assistance from the teachers. It makes us feel very proud and responsible. We now clearly know our responsibilities as a Snack time leader, Lunch leader and Park leader. Our teacher thought its best to introduce only a few jobs at a time so we can remember them distinctly.

Pooja told us that Goldilocks, from the story ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ we read yesterday, was visiting us today. She suggested we let her know about our class rules since she was really inconsiderate when she visited the three bears’ house. We thought of class rules for us to follow through the year and explained that to Goldilocks too. We mentioned to her that rules are good for us and makes our friends and teachers happy. Following are the rules we all agreed on with our teachers, who thought its best that we make the rules together with them because then we would be more likely to follow it through:-



Today, we loved painting with the cars. We dipped the car in our favorite color and slid it down the cardboard. Our painting sheet was attached to it and every time we slid the car down we got the patterns of the wheels on the sheet. It was so much fun to do it and most of us couldn’t help sliding our cars up and down again and again.

Few of us worked on the sand paper numbers and it felt very weird as we felt the sand on our fingers. It is a Montessori material and is used as a pre writing activity. Most of us enjoyed playing with the cars today and it seems like we all like the London bus we have in class. Many of our friends spent a long time in the home corner, either cooking or cleaning. After snack time, we went to the park and played a lot with our friends and teachers.



Rules following children in Petals Class

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