Let’s be active on Monday!


            Hope you guys had a beautiful long weekend and for the teachers, we all had a restful weekend for four days. Some of us went out of town for a short trip and most of us just stayed at home and enjoyed the time being with our families. In the morning, we always do our morning jobs and this time we noticed that our teachers really didn’t help us that much in putting them away. After doing it, we all went to the play area and found some blocks on the floor. Our friends got so excited and they used their big voices to play. Our teachers reminded us again to use our gentle voices. Oooppssss…we have to remember our rules in the classroom.

            On our art table, we had the pirate ship art. This week, we’ll be talking more about pirates and ships because some of our friends kept on playing like they’re real pirates in the school. So today, we made a little boat art. We put some stickers. We chose our own shapes and we were able to choose wonderful patterns and designs on our boat cut-out. The other table was filled with animal wooden figurines. We used the Noah’s ark and it looks like a boat as well. We were so excited to put all the animals inside the boat. We were also telling our teachers the names of the different animals.

            Miyashita-sensei is here! Oh how we missed him and our gym class! We put all our things and furniture away to the other side of the classroom so that we can have a bigger space. Next, Miyashita-sensei brought his special green mat, two chairs and a string. We did our warm-up exercises and stretched our muscles up and down, left and right. We did some balancing activities with the use of our mats and jumped over the string that was attached on both chairs.

            We went to the park after our snack time. It was a really nice day and we all stayed at the green area and ran after our teachers until we got so tired. On the way back to school, we met Petals class and of course, we said hello to them! In our circle time, we talked about colors and there was a puzzle that can match the chips with their respective colors. We all had our turn and we’re able to finish the whole puzzle in no time.

            Thank you so much for today and see you all again tomorrow. Have a fantabulous day!

Lots of love,

All the fantastic children from Buds class 2017-2018

Ohana International School