Happy birthday to our friends


We have been celebrating a lot lately and today we had a birthday party for the friends in Flowers Class who had their birthdays in September viz. Ethan, Lane and Mina. We were very happy to welcome their parents to our class so that they could celebrate with us. Ethan’s mum, Rachel came together with Mina’s mum, Junko and Lane’s parents, Scott and Jennifer. We are happy that Lane is staying in Flowers Class for a little longer because his dad’s team, The Giants, are doing well in the Japanese Baseball League. Come on Giants!

Our birthday started off with us holding hands in a circle singing together and doing actions. We then sat down, which was the action that Taiyo suggested we do, and sang our “Hello” song. We included our mums, and dad in the song and they all remembered the words. Then we asked our birthday friends to sit at the special table and we noticed that they didn’t really look like birthday celebrants.

So, three of our friends chose a crown and placed it on their heads and then we sang: “If you’re happy and you know it”. We had cards which we made them and three more friends presented the cards to them. Sometimes we comment on the fact that we didn’t have a chance to do something in class and our teachers explain to us that sometimes there are not enough things for all of us to have a turn to do………today however we WERE all going to be able to do something later! What was it going to be? Hmmmmm……….something to do with a party!

Soon we would find out but we had to do one more thing; we had to give them a cake with a candle to blow out. Ethan, Lane and Mina each had a brownie with a candle in it and we counted to three in Japanese. They gave a big blow and we sang
“Happy birthday” in English and Japanese.

And then more fun and games began. We played a game called “Pass the Parcel”. Rachel wrapped up some treats for us inside wrapping paper. We passed the parcel around according to the music. When the music stopped, whoever had the parcel, tore the paper and found their treats. We kept on passing the parcel round and round until each child in our class had a chance to tear the paper and find some treats. Jennifer, Rachel and Junko san organized cupcakes, chocolate brownies, and delicious fruit for our snack. They also donated fabulous books for our library in honour of our friend’s birthdays. Thank you so much to our friend’s families for their generosity. We loved the party, treats and new books. Our teachers pasted a sticker in the books with our friend’s names in it.

Our activities this morning were: making more slime with Kai, doing birthday cards, building with Lego, and playing a dominoes game. We think Kai is the “Master of Slime” in Flowers Class. He managed to salvage the slime that we tried to make yesterday with new ingredients and we are hoping that he will make some “Halloween slime” for our Halloween party. He is also taking charge of making our “Sports Day medals”. We are looking forward to Sports Day next Monday with our parents and the whole Ohana International School community.

 Every day we read about our friends and the meaning of their names. Today Hisami read us the story about Junto and how and why his parents chose his name when he was a baby. Whose name will we read about tomorrow?

We hope that our friends and teachers will have the chance to play outside in the park this afternoon as it is such good weather for being outside.

 Love from all the Flowers Class children.

Ohana International School