Keep Calm And Sing A Song

September 19th, 2017

Dear Parents,

The sun was so strong as it was shining down on us when we played in the park. However, we are very lucky that some of the teachers had water sprays and they cooled us down by spraying water on our faces. We shouted in glee when the water touched our faces but enjoyed the coolness anyways.

At school, we had our Music session with John. We started by singing the ‘hello’ song and since John doesn’t know all of our names yet, we tried to trick him by saying some other name when he asked us for our name. However, we don’t think he believed us when one of her friends said that her name is ‘Moana’. Soon after, one of our friends said that his name is ‘Thomas’. This made John suspicious and he asked the Petals Class teacher to help him since the children were trying to trick him. The whole incident was very funny and some of our friends rolled on the floor laughing. We leant about rhythm and beat and also did lots of singing and dancing. We are so happy and thankful to John for our weekly Music and Movement sessions.

Some of our friends did their ‘Show and Tell’ and told us about a few of their favorite things. M said that he loves police car, ambulance, fire trucks and shinkansen whereas T declared his love for Thomas and Friends. He knew the names of all the trains. Our teachers were really amazed and were trying to figure out the difference from one green train to the other green train. Sayaka commented that ‘it all looks the same’. Pooja and Pauline kind of agreed with her. Many children disagreed in unison and this made everybody laugh. G confessed her love for her sisters and said ‘I love them’. She also loves animals like – zebra, giraffe, ram, cat, kangaroo and peacock. G’s gingerbread woman was quiet fancy with ribbons on the hands because of course she loves them.

We did finger printing on the letter ‘s’ today and many of us sang the jolly phonics ‘s’ song as we did the craft work. This inspired G to make ‘s’ using play dough. While Ai, Av and Mo used the dough to make cupcakes, An made a turtle with it. Anto made a square shape by sticking the wooden colored sticks with the dough and impressed us all. Ai, G and W enjoyed sticking the feathers on the big letter ‘s’. And with this we complete decorating the ‘PETALS’ we cut out from our group art work. Do check it out when you come to our class next. It is really amazing. We will cut out the remaining paper equally for all of us to save for our portfolio.

Many of our friends including Al, Tem and Tai worked together to build train tracks and in fact one of our mummies too joined us.  Ri enjoyed looking at the wheels of the train. Pauline created an amazing height chart of us and we all measured how tall we were. Our teachers said that they love this height chart because somehow there was a difference of 6 cm in the height and the chart showed them taller than they already are. Probably there were some scaling errors during printing and that’s why the height chart was not accurate. However, we are still going to use it because it can still help us to keep a track of how tall we grow in the year. We are all about recycling and saving our earth.


We had sand paper numbers out today and we were wondering how to play with it. These are actually Montessori material and the numbers were cut out in the finest sandpaper and mounted on a strong background. We use two of our fingers to trace the number. It felt rough as we touched it but we liked the sensation on our fingers. They can be used by either right-handed or left-handed children to gain the muscular memory of the shape as a prelude to writing. We worked on recognizing and counting numbers 1-3 today. Then we placed the correct number of dominos next to the number. We loved this activity and requested our teachers to set up this activity again.




All the children in Petals Class

Ohana International School