Patisserie for a day!

Terrific Tuesday! And what a terrific day it was today! We greeted our teachers and friends with smiles and hugs and quickly finished up our morning routines. In the free play area we had cars and dinosaurs. We built tracks for the cars and raced the cars with the dinosaurs! In our table area, there were fruits and other foods that we liked. We put on our awesome chef hats and it was time to cook! Today, we were little Patisseries which are chefs that make sweet stuff, and on the menu today was Parfait! Parfait is a really cool dish that has layers and layers of our favorite stuff! Hisami helped us make our lovely parfaits. First, we crushed crackers to make our first layer. Then we added a layer of bread then put in a scoop of ice cream! Topped it with bananas apples and strawberries and we got our very own parfaits for snack time!




We cleaned up our toys together with our friends we got into a circle and the teachers introduced four new friends today that joined us this week and we can’t wait to play with them!  After circle time was finally snack time! We got to eat our parfaits that we made, and boy they were delicious!




            It wasn’t so sunny outside, but it was still very hot. Which was perfect for the pool play the teachers prepared for us at the balcony today! We changed into our swimsuits and headed upstairs to be greeted by a big blue pool full of water! We had so much fun going into the water and splashing around getting our teachers and friends wet. An hour flew by in a heartbeat. Before we knew it, an hour has already passed by and it was time to go have lunch. We had so much fun we wish we could stay for longer, but we had to say goodbye to the pool for now.



            While we waited for all of our friends to get dried up and changed we had Hisami read us a book. She read a funny book about putting ketchup on weird things like our head and toothbrush. Once everyone got changed we went back to the classroom and had some music time. We had Nimo play his violin for us! We sang along with the violin with some our favorite tunes!



            Today was a marvelous day like everyday here at Ohana. Wonder what we get to cook next! Hopefully tomorrow with be sunny so we can go to the pool again!


~The lovely little love Angels of Flowers class~