Fruits we love to eat!

Hello world! It was another hot and sunny weather outside. It’s getting more and more humid and going outside is becoming more challenging for all of us. Today, we are still setting up our pool in the balcony. Hence, we feel that we can have our water play tomorrow.

              After doing our morning jobs, our classroom got so busy because our friends couldn’t get enough of the play dough and other connecting blocks on our table. The kitchen play area was quite busy too because we just wanted to take all the toys out from the drawer and cabinet. Our teachers always reminded us to make sure that we all put these toys back to where we got them from. The easel was also very crowded because we always wanted to do scribbling and this skill develops our fine motor skills in such a way that we got a chance to control our arms when we’re scribbling.

              Today is Monday so that means we have Miyashita-sensei. We split the group into two and it was also nice to have a small group when we’re doing our activities. The other group was with Renee and Jen to do some cooking. It was great to see our friends doing the warm-up exercises and stretching our arms and legs. Our special activities were playing with the red and yellow balls, jumping over the rope, walking on the green mat and running with our friends. Our physical development is incrementing rapidly because of these challenging activities. Our bodies always tell us to move and spend a long time running and being active in the classroom. Good thing that Miyashita-sensei is always here to provide this learning experience for us. Lastly, we played our hot ball game. Every time that Miyashita-sensei shouted “hot ball is coming”, we all went to the other side of the wall. Thank you so much sensei. See you again!

              On our cooking tables, we had a nice fruit salad activity with our Renee and Jennifer. They showed us how to cut and scrape the seeds off the melon and to take out the big seeds from the peaches. We then chopped them into small pieces. It was a good practice for our fine motor skills and we enjoyed doing this with our friends’ and teachers’ help. We loved eating the melons and apples. The peaches have a mushy and different texture so our friends were a bit hesitant in eating this fruit.

            We went to the balcony today and it was really hot. We still enjoyed our time playing and discovering different toys and natural materials on the balcony.  We kept getting rocks/stones from the bucket and put them in a big container. Then, we loved tipping off all the stones out. We all giggled and had a good laugh with our friends and teachers.

  Lots of love,

The fruit salad chefs from Buds class 2016-2017