I am the gingerbread man!

Today was our special day because we’re excited to see one of our friend’s grandma. She prepared a nice activity for us and we couldn’t wait for what’s about to happen in our classroom. We’ve done our morning jobs and went straight to our play area.  There, we found some sensory toys and some slot-in abacus that we could play with.

              On our activity tables, we had the ice cube art and it was so much fun! Chiaki put some paint on them and used our hands to play with them until they melted. When everything was wet and mushy, we just kept exploring and discovering what we could do with the melted ice. The feeling was actually really cold too.

            Pat came to Buds class. We’re excited what she’s prepared for us. First, we all sat down on the floor for our story time. We were very curious what was in the box that she brought today. We were thinking maybe it was just some story books that she wanted to read to us. When she took it out, there was a hedgehog and it was quite sleepy. He just woke up brushing his eyes to take the sleepiness off. We learned from Pat that his name was Harry. We said, “Hello, Harry the hedgehog!” Then, the next one was an owl. He was also sleeping and Pat woke him up just to show him that we’re in Buds. We learned that his name is, “Ollie the owl”. It was really nice meeting them and they seemed to be very friendly. Some of our friends liked to touch and feel their skin. It was furry and soft. How we loved to process information like this. We used all our senses.

            Our special guest started reading a book about “The gingerbread man”.  It was a great classic story that we all love to hear. During the story, our friend Emilie sang the song, “Run, run as fast as you can. You can’t catch me, I am the gingerbread man! Of course, we all knew who ate the gingerbread man. It was the fox! The story was quite interactive too because we got to run while we’re singing the gingerbread man song. It was really lovely to hear Pat’s voice again because she also did a story with us before.

              Our group was divided into two again and this time, we made our own gingerbread man biscuit. It was really easy because we just had to stir the dry and liquid mixtures. We kept on stirring and stirring until we’ve made special gingerbread dough! Some of us couldn’t wait and we started eating it while kneading.  The dough was quite sweet. We also looked at the ingredients and they were plain flour, ground ginger powder, ground cinnamon powder, unsalted butter, brown sugar and golden syrup. Of course, we put two raisins for the eyes. The experience was truly incredible! Thank you so much Pat for visiting and playing with us. We’re looking forward to see you again next week.

              After that fancy gingerbread baking, we all went to the pool and enjoyed the water play upstairs. Thank you so much again for another great learning experience and see you again tomorrow!

  Lots of love,

All the gingerbread bakers from Buds class 2016-2017