Thursday Slow- Down (But Still as Fun as Ever, Of Course!)

Dear Mom and Dad,

        Welcome June! Today was “Thursday Slow- Down”, as opposed to yesterday’s “High- Energy Wednesday. We just relaxed for a bit today- but that didn’t get in the way of having fun, of course!

        We helped Hisami stick some artwork on our portfolios; they are coming together quite nicely, and we can’t wait for you to see it. “Ironing, ironing!” we sang together with Hisami, as we glued stuff on our portfolios, and smoothed them down with our hands. Y was really patient and diligent in doing this. On the other table, we helped Liezel sort out colored rice grains into red and green; it was pretty tricky and required a keen eyesight, as the grains were so tiny. Bracelet- making was pretty popular today, and we chose our favorite beads. “Look, it sparkles!” B exclaimed, as she chose her favorite beads, which looked like they were studded in diamonds. “Look! Mine is long,” J said, as he gestured to his bracelet. “Oh no Pauline! I lost my bracelet!” we heard R exclaim, and we saw some of our friends search high and low for it. I hope she found it.

      Some of our friends played with playdough; “Oh, look!” O said, as he marveled at the prints his shoe made on it, when he accidentally stepped on his playdough. “Abracadabra!” we then heard M say, turning his blocks into a wand on the carpet area. We also had a big skeleton puzzle out on the carpet, and we did our best to complete it.

Here are some of our friends trying to finish our big skeleton puzzle.

Here are some of our friends trying to finish our big skeleton puzzle.


We had some- uh- astronauts in our hospital; B helped MI change into the same astronaut outfit she had. “You look nice!” Pauline told them. “Do you want me to take a picture?” But MI discovered she couldn’t zip her outfit up- the zipper was broken. “I want to take it off,” she replied to Pauline. When it was time to clean up, J was inspecting the trolleys if some toys were there. “I don’t have afternoon snack!” he suddenly remembered, telling MN, who was nearby. He didn’t have afternoon classes today. “I have an afternoon class,” MN said. “I have art class,” she told him.

        Before going to the park, Hisami showed us some pretty cool 3D shapes. We learned the names “pyramid” and “cone”, which, if you imagine them to be flattened, they will be a triangle! We also learned “sphere”, which, when flattened, will be a circle. The sphere is just like a ball. We also read D’s book, “Looking Into My Body”. Hisami asked, “What can make our body strong?” and MG remarked, “Broccoli can make our body strong.”; “No, it’s egg!” O contested. G volunteered, “It’s duck!” Well, as long as it’s not junk food, it will make our body strong… right?

        It was cloudy, but it was great that we were able to go to the park. Some friends enjoyed being chased by Liezel; others had fun playing in the jungle gym with Hisami, as they pretended to pick different fruits from trees and eat them. Others, when they were tired and sweaty, sat on the bench under the shade, and begged Pauline if she can fan them with the folding fan she brought. “I’m so hot!” MI told Pauline, and she sat down with L. She requested if Pauline can both fan them. Some played with their best friend; “Look at us!” D said, as he slid down on the blue slide together with J. It was a cute photo opportunity. Beside the slide, B was drawing an “X” on the sand; “This is where the treasure is!” she declared to us- she was making a treasure map. We saw G and JQ hunched together behind the big tree; “There’s a centipede!” they both informed us, which sent some of us to run away as fast as possible, or slowly inch away from them. We then had our lunch back in school, all tired and sleepy. We had a good rest afterwards, as it was cool and cozy in our classroom- ZzzzZZzzz.

"X"  marks the spot! Let's go dig the treasure!

"X"  marks the spot! Let's go dig the treasure!

        It started raining in the afternoon, so we hope tomorrow’s weather will get better, so we can spend another wonderful day in the park. See you tomorrow, Ohana!  


All the “chillax” children in Petals Class.