Roar went our Dinosaurs

Dear Flowers Class parents,

We had lots of fun today and enjoyed lots of activities, games, books and a very warm park time. Roar….We were happy to see the origami dinosaurs we started making yesterday were arranged on the big table ready for us to continue today.


It was a long process making the dinosaurs and some parts were a little difficult to do but with the teachers help we were soon able to complete them. We even used some wiggly eyes which we glued to the sides of the head and then put them all together on the grassy green paper. Once the glue is dry we hope to add some teeth. We had a small circle time today about dinosaur teeth where we learnt some new words: carnivore (which means meat eating), herbivore (which means plant eating) and omnivore (which means eating both meat and plants). One of our friends dressed up in the big dinosaur costume and we then asked him some tough questions! He looked so funny in the big costume but didn’t want to take it off!


We know that meat eating dinosaurs had sharp teeth, but animals like cows and giraffes have flat teeth used for chewing leaves and plants. When we thought about ourselves we discovered we were omnivores as we have both sharp teeth and flat teeth at the backs of our mouths. When we looked in the class library books we discovered that we could see many kinds of dinosaurs; carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. On the second table in free-play time we saw some cards with pictures on them.


This was a great game we played by matching the picture cards to the appropriate starting sound. Several of us spotted the game ‘Connect 4’ on the table also and decided to try and play together. On the carpet in the class library area we had our very own play picnic. We took along plates, cups and lots of food items to play with and had many of our teachers and friends come with us on the picnic. We again saw the overhead projector making shadows on the wall but today instead of using the Lego pieces to copy the dinosaur skeletons we used some markers and a big sheet of pink paper with markers to trace.


After eating our yummy snacks we looked at a book all about the T-Rex. It was a special book with a plastic part model inside it. The parts of the dinosaur were shown on each page and covered; bones, skin, stomach, how fast they ran, their sense of smell and even what happened to them. We soon discovered that dinosaurs came from eggs and we then decided that there are other animals that come from eggs now such as birds, snakes, crocodiles and many kinds of lizards too. We took our water bottles to the park today after applying sunscreen and bug-spray because it was so hot. The park offered a little bit of shade and we made sure we stopped a few times to drink some water and cool off.


All the teachers and wonderful children in Flowers Class.