Pizza Wonderland

The sunny weather is always great for us because we’re looking forward to go to the park. After our morning jobs, we went straight to our tables and found the play dough. We got so excited and invited our friends to play with us. Our teachers were always kind to help us out to make some cookies (pretend play). There were also some Lego blocks on the carpet area. We kept on constructing to make a tall tower but some of our friends kept knocking them off.

            Then, our teachers showed us that we’re going to make a special food for our class today. We all made a pizza. We already had dough that was made by our teacher the day before and now, we just had to knead it again so that we could make our own pizza crust. They asked us to come one by one to knead and pound the dough. The texture was soft and cold because we got from the refrigerator. It was really nice because we felt that we were like real pizza chef. We also learned about the ingredients and the toppings that we put on our pizza. We’ve got our bacon (most of our friends called it ham), bell pepper, tomato, onions, pizza sauce and cheese. We put them in the oven and our teachers told us that we couldn’t touch it because it’s very, very hot.

            During our snack time, we enjoyed eating our pizza and our teachers even loved the second one we made because it’s got lots of cheese on top. Sayaka kindly read a book to us before we went to the park. It was great to see that everyone was very attentive and the story that we read was about “Don’t wake up, mommy?” It is a story about the little monkeys who were trying to help each other for mommy’s birthday. It was a sweet but yet really funny too.

            We went to park and it was also hot outside. Good thing that we brought all our hats! We ran around the green area and said hello to our other friends from the other schools. We also loved the fact that there was still little wind and kept a little cooler during the day. Thank you so much Ohana and have a wonderful weekend! See you all again on Monday.  

Lots of love,                                                                      

All the little chefs from Buds class 2016-2017