The Bakery shop

Good morning everyone! It was another sunny day in Tokyo and our friends got so excited to come to school. We did our morning jobs and walked straight into our classroom to see some Lego blocks that we could play with today. We made a big tower and were so excited to show it to our friends and teachers. After that, we knocked the tower off and for some of us, it was really funny. In the kitchen play area, we found a new cardboard box oven that Nimo made yesterday. We had some pizza and the big ladle so that we could take the pizza in and out of the oven. It was pretty cool to look at. It was like a real oven.

                 On our activity tables, we’ve got the play dough and the cutting practice. The play dough was quite busy because our friends were always excited to mold and make some figures that we could show our teachers. We made a cake, ice-cream, car, bunny, snake and many more. Our teachers also mentioned that we’re going to the bakery shop today and we got so excited that we kept on saying, “bread!”  We also had our cutting practice and our friends were getting so much better in snipping with our scissors. We’ve got a very special pair of scissors for little ones. Hence, it was quite easy for us to use and to be able to practice our fine motor skills.

                 Next, we had our little meditation exercises. John taught to breathe in and out silently. Then, we had to say “Aaaa, eeee, oooo, and uuuuu”. We did each sound after breathing in slowly and this really helped us to calm down and settle when we get so excited.       

                  We went to the park and it was really hot outside. Good thing that we brought our hats and put some more sunscreen on our arms, legs and faces. We had our snacks at the green area and then we went out to play at the slides, sand box, jungle gym and swings. Friends from other schools also came and played a little bit with us. They were also willing to share some toys and equipments when they feel like it. After park time, we were on the road walking again but this time we didn’t go back to our classroom right away. We went to the bakery shop near our school because our teachers liked to show us what we could in the bakery. We’ve seen lots of cookies, sandwiches, hamburgers and various pastries. We bought a corn bread and our teachers bought cookies and other sweets.

We also had a short conversation with Chiaki at the green area…

(Chiaki found a worm.)

A: It’s moving.

Chiaki: Why is it moving?

M: He eats cabbage.

L: He eats me (saying his name).

L brought a rock and gave it to the warm together with S.

A: It’s looking for its mommy.

An: Mommy!

M brought a leaf and gave it to the worm.

                 Thank you so much and have a great day! See you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the beautiful children from Buds class 2016-2017