Are you my mother?

Dear Moms and Dads,

 It was all dark in the classroom when we entered the classroom this morning. The teachers had done something really funny and shifted all the mats out of the cabinet and laid them out in the free play area…just like at our quiet time.


When we went over we saw there were also some school blankets and we could use them to pretend it was quiet time, a hospital with lots of beds or whatever we wanted.


It was a good time to do lots of imaginative play and many of us dressed up in the class costumes to play. We had lots of princesses, police officers, pirates and even a knight in armour. The teachers said it was great to see us playing together so nicely and soon several of us got a little tired and wanted to use the mats to lie down and cool off. On the main table many of us worked on our special headbands for the end of year / graduation with Pooja. We started by folding a long piece of paper along its length and then used some sticky glue to make it nice and strong. Some of us were able to cut pieces to decorate them and attach them. Also on the big art table we again saw the class computer and the graphics tablet screen. We can’t tell you yet what we started to use this for but can tell you this; we used the special stylus with some pictures which we had chosen. It was fun and we enjoyed seeing the picture manipulated.


On the smaller art table we saw some great dinosaur stencils and white paper. We used the stencils to make our own nice pictures with color of dinosaurs roaming around. After packing away the toys and art materials we had our snack time straight away so that we would have some time later to practice our special graduation ‘Theater Productions’. After eating our yummy snacks we all gathered on the main carpet and then broke into two groups to practice the two plays we are going to perform. While the first group were performing the second group were quietly watching from the class library. Unfortunately we can’t tell you yet the titles of the performances but we guess you will find out later anyway from your child 😊 Once we had finished our performances we bowed nicely and then practiced our song ‘Love is Something’ with all the actions.


We did a great job using our nice singing voices and hope you will like it! We all wanted to go to the park today but before we could go we needed to do our monthly ‘fire & earthquake drill’. Many of us know what to do in his case and we did a great job helping our friends remember the procedures for staying safe and exiting the building in an orderly fashion.


All the teachers and children in

Flowers Class.