Good way to start our week

We began our day with lots of smiles and our teachers greeted us good morning with a big hug. After doing our morning jobs, we saw some activities on the table. The counting bears were there and our teachers told us that we needed to categorize them according to their colors. We also had plates in different colors such as green, red, yellow and blue. There’s also the Earth day art work and we’re so happy to be able to revisit this art. This time, we used the dotted markers and made marks all over the paper.

            On our carpet area, we had some little people and furniture that we could play with. We made a small house and scattered the furniture on the floor. We did a little bit of imaginative play and we pretended that we had mommy, daddy and baby in the small house. Next, we had some kitchen toys that Goh-san helped to play with as well. She pretended that we could cut all the food toys and then she put them on a tray. Then, we’re ready to serve everyone. We also learned the words from the kitchen toys and slowly we’re also talking about the fruits and vegetables with our friends.

            During our circle time, we sang our favorite songs again and talked about what we’re wearing today. One friend of ours was very proud to show us the unicorn and the rainbow. Some of us had some hearts and rabbits on their shirt. Others also had Doraemon. We also found some letters like “H and I” and “B, Y and E”. Our teachers told us how to read them and we all said “Hi” and “Bye” as well. We sang “Just smile” song and it was really great to have a chance to dance around the classroom.

            Miyashita-sensei was here again and he greeted us with a great smile. We did our warm-up exercises and we’re very excited to play with him again. Our task today was to play with the ball. First, Miyashita-sensei rolled the ball to one end and we had to run after it. After that, we got the ball and had to bring it back to him. The next game was like a ghost game but this time we had to run away from the ball. It’s also like dodge but Miyashita-sensei was holding the ball the whole time. After that, we all sat down and listened how he makes music with his whistle. He played the “Ampanman” and “Doraemon” song.

               After our snack time, we talked about the different foods that we like. We had drawings of a girl with a sad face and a boy with a happy face. We put the food we like on the happy boy’s face and the ones we didn’t like on the sad girl’s face. We got to choose the photos that we liked to stick on and at the end of the activity, we were able to express the food we like.

               Thank you so much and have a great day! See you all again tomorrow!


All the amazing children from Buds class 2016-2017