How we love to make crafts with our friends

We are ready again to explore new adventures today. It was a bit cloudy but our teachers thought that we could just have a walk around the neighborhood and to get some fresh air. Early morning, we had a nice music session. We got the drums, toy guitars and some noise makers.

            On our art tables, we had the masks on our table and some markers. We scribbled some lines and made sure that we always share the markers with our friends. The table was quite busy and all of us were so interested. Our teachers didn’t have to show us what we needed to do because they felt that we’re doing this using our creativity. We were able to finish them in no time then proudly showed everyone how we made a colorful mask. It was so much fun and our fine motor skills are developing greatly.

            Next, Sayaka was on the other table. She was helping us to make a special sandwich art. We saw some paper cut-outs and we all painted on the white part. We chose our own colors and some of us picked purple. We told our teachers that we’re putting blueberry jam on our bread. It was also a good way of getting familiar with the colors of the food we eat. Tomorrow is going to be a special day for us because our teachers prepared some ingredients for making a real sandwich.

            The kitchen area was also busy because Chiaki was showing us how to cook food with or food toys. We just loved doing these with our teachers. We’re showing various food toys. Gradually, we’re learning more vocabulary words with our teachers. We’ve got some sausages, bottle of milk, lettuce and many more. Thank you Buds teachers for helping us out naming all the food toys in the kitchen.

            We also did our earthquake drill today. When we heard the bell, we all went under our tables. Our teachers shook the tables just like to imagine that they were actually shaking. We were able to participate with the drill and it’s amazing that we could already work as a group.

            Today was a short time outside because we just walked around the neighborhood. The weather was just right and not so hot or cold. We just love touching and feeling everything around us. However, our teachers always remind us to be safe and put our hands on tummy.

            That was a good walk and on the way back, we saw our friend who just had a special photo shoot with his family. They looked so elegant and the Norwegian traditional costume.  Thank you so much Ohana and have an amazing day!

Lots of love,

All the creative children from Buds class 2016-2017