Happy Mother's Day

It was a lovely Mother’s Day breakfast in Petals Class today. We sat together with our mums and ate delicious “takoyaki” balls with strawberries and apple inside. We practiced making them a while ago and Hisami really perfected them today. Thank you, Hisami for cooking for us this morning. We enjoyed eating leftovers for snack time and after lunch.

Our mums came and had time to sit with us and eat and they also played with us on the mat and in the hospital. Ali had a sore leg which Griffin tried to bandage however he said that the bandage was too long. Owen was looking to see if he could help his grandma get better and Griffin also listened to Ali’s heartbeat.

Some of our mums sat on the mat and built with us using wooden blocks and some coloured blocks. We added some wooden people and plastic figurines to our block play. The people come from different parts of the world just like most of us who attend Ohana International School. Our mums also had time to chat to one another and enjoy being in our classroom.

While we were sitting at the table, we sang “Love is something” and “Skinnamarinkadinkadink” which are two of our favourite love songs. Owen’s grandma came inside of his mother, and it was fun to have a grandma with us for Mother’s Day, especially since grandma’s are also mothers. After we had all had enough to eat we made space in our room and sang “Let’s all hold hands in a circle” and did some actions. We jumped, winked our eye, stomped our feet and swayed.      

Then we sat together and we presented our mums and grandma with a gift that we made with our teachers. It was made from felt and is like a little pouch. It can be used to put whatever you want inside. We also gave them our cards which we had sewn along the edges. Our mums laughed when they saw the picture that we had chosen on their cards. We chose a face that reminded us of them; it didn’t necessarily have to look like them. We were happy to have been able to spend some time with our mums who we love very much. Thanks mums and grandma for coming to our Mother’s Day breakfast.

 We are excited because quite a few of our mums will join us when we go to see where the garbage goes after the garbage is collected outside our homes and our school. We are still aware of garbage when we play in the park and today, Dev in particular, found some garbage lying around which he picked up. On our way back from the park, we picked up a few more things from the street.

 You can see from our faces how much we enjoyed being with our mums in our class. There was a slight problem, because many of us were not happy when they left. So, our teachers had quite a lot of consoling to do.

 We read Griffins book called “Bug Detectives” as well as “The honeybee and the robber”. We showed an interest in bees after reading the page on bees in the “Bug Detectives”. We learnt that bees have hair all over their bodies which comes in very handy when they are looking for pollen and nectar in flowers. The pollen,

which is a yellow powder sticks to the hair and collects in the pollen bags at the back of their legs. Their tongue is like a straw and they drink up the nectar which is like a sweet juice, and they fly back to the bee hive to prepare to make honey. There is always only one queen in the beehive and her job is to lay eggs; the drones fertilise the eggs so that they can become bees and the worker bees or honeybees make the honey. There is even a guard bee who protects the beehive.

We have a hunger to learn new things and our teachers try their best to satisfy our appetites each day.

Thanks for a great day everyone and see you tomorrow.


All the children in Petals Class