Our Mother's Day Breakfast

Dear Moms and Dads,

Happy Mother’s Day! we hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday and enjoyed Mother’s Day to the fullest. We had our Mother’s Day breakfast this morning and had a great time. Thank you all for coming to the celebration and we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. It was a real surprise to come into the classroom this morning to see all the wonderful origami roses and tulips we had made lined up down the center of the table. We got straight to action as soon as we arrived and with Pooja we started to make our special ‘heart’ sandwiches. We uses a cookie cutter to make big round circular slices of bread and then another smaller heart shaped cutter to make a smaller hole in the middle of one slice. We then spread some tasty strawberry jam on the circular piece. After putting the 2 pieces together we put some pretty sprinkles on. They looked very nice and tasty too! We also prepared some fruit to make a milkshake by first cutting up some big red strawberries and a couple of bananas. Pooja then asked us to get the box from the freezer and soon saw it was vanilla ice cream! Yummy! All of the strawberries and the bananas were then added to the big blender along with the ice cream and we switched it on. We made a delicious strawberry and banana smoothie for our moms too. Soon our mommies arrived and we all moved to the carpet area. It was great seeing our mommies and we got very excited! Pauline then lead us in the song we have been practicing for a while. The song we called “I live you mummy” and we did all the actions and sang beautifully for our mommies. We were so happy to see our mommies and daddies smiling and clapping for us. We then sat with our mommies or daddies again to watch the video we had made telling all our parents why we loved them e.g. “I love you mummy, I love you because……..”. We were soon very hungry and moved to the tables with our mommies. We then talked to Darren and he told us that today we were going to be serving our mommies breakfast instead of the other way around. We served our mommies and daddies the wonderful jam sandwiches we had made them and the delicious smoothie. After we had finished serving we each gave our mommies the origami flowers we had made and said our bye-bye’s to them. Thank you all for coming to our party mommies…we all love you so much!

We had our weekly gym class with Miyashita Sensei today and started with lots of stretching work. We then did lots of balance and jumping work together. The game at the end was a little difficult for us and we tried and hope we can play it again next week a little easier.


All the teachers and Children in

Flowers Class.