Sunny day at the park

It’s our lucky day again because Mr. Sun was up and we’re ready for another great adventure in Buds class.  We started our day with our turtle art from yesterday. Our teachers showed us how to do it and we needed to practice more cutting in class. Good thing that we have a special pair of scissors wherein the teachers and children could cut together. There are two extra holes for guidance and slowly we were able to cut the paper muffin cups in no time. Our friends were so interested because we made a lot of cut-outs and put them in the tray for our next art activity. We finished our Earth day art yesterday too so our teachers would have to hang them by next week.

            In our carpet area, we had some connecting blocks. Amazingly, one friend of ours was able to make a cube with it. She was just watching how to do it and later on she did one for herself.  Chiaki was in the library and we all listened to her stories. But our favorite one for today was singing the ABC book. Once, our friends would hear about it, they would stop and join in the group. Some of them were able to sing along and say the names of the various pictures. We were also busy in playing the dough. Nimo was there to show us how to use the cookie cutters and how to make an egg. Our friends were so proud of what they could already do and they were all showing what they made to the other teachers.

            For our circle time, we sang our good morning and waved our hands to everyone. Our teachers asked us about the weather and we told them that it’s sunny. We’re excited to go to the park and enjoy playing at the green area. Next, we learned a new song with a title, “I love you, mommy” and the song went something like this.

I love you mommy, you know that’s true

I love you mommy, I want to be with you

Looking at the stars, I see your smile

Shining down on me and saying good night

I love you mommy, you know that’s true

I love you mommy, I want to be with you every day.

            We also listened to “I like when…” story.  It’s nice to hold hands, give each other a big hug and eat ice-cream together with our loved ones.

            We went to the park and played at the green area again. We chased after our teachers and made sure that we could catch them quickly. Nimo was really fast and we had to keep up. Thank you so much for a beautiful day again and see you all on Monday.

Lots of love,

All the loving children from Buds class 2016-2017