Easter eggs

Wonderful Thursday! It’s another day of adventure and exploration in and out of the classroom and we couldn’t wait to see what’s waiting for us today. After our morning jobs, we saw some Easter paper mache on the table and some colorful tissue paper. Our teachers taught us how to do the art so we listened and observe how to put the tissue paper with glue as much as we could.

            On the other table, we had some Montessori equipment like the cylinder block puzzles and some 10 piece-puzzle too. We enjoyed manipulating and putting these pieces together and our teachers were also guiding us to be able to put the proper cylinders in their sizes. The library was busy too because Sayaka was reading books to us during our free play time. Goh-san was so kind to be our chef in the kitchen area and Chiaki was helping us with the connecting trains because we had to attach them to make a longer train carriage.

            After our free play time, we went early to the park because we wanted to enjoy the bright sun today. We lay down our picnic mats and unpacked our snacks then sing our snack time song. We used the green area because we wanted to go straight and run around with our friends and teachers. We played the bubble game and when we heard the word, “boom!” We all ran away and made sure that our teachers wouldn’t catch us. Next, we also did the racing game. We stayed at one end of the green area and our teachers made a signal “go” then we ran so fast until we reached the other end.

            It was an amazing time at the park again but we had to go back to our classroom and did our circle time with Sayaka. First, she showed us the bunny and we all loved seeing its long and furry ears. She also told a story about Easter and showed us some colorful Easter eggs. We tried to guess what was inside but we have found out that the colors were white and yellow. One of our friends requested “Open it, open it”. Dancing was also our favorite part of the day. We got some egg shakers and we just showed our teachers how we’re able to dance and shake our bodies while we shook and shook the eggs just to make a sound.

            Thank you so much Ohana and have a wonderful day! See you all again tomorrow for our Easter egg hunting!

Lots of love,

All the graceful children from Buds class 2016-2017