Chocolate Birds Nests and Jelly Bean Eggs

Dear Flowers Class Moms and Dads,

Happy Easter Weekend!  Wow, another beautiful morning to come to school. The sun was shining bright and the beautiful flowers were out on the class balcony. Many of us don’t need to have jackets now it has become so warm. We were very excited to see many cooking utensils on the table this morning but there were no ingredients….very strange.


There were also some small water balloons and a pump. We wondered what are we going to make? Pooja then brought out some ingredients in a plastic bag. Oooh, what did she have? We couldn’t wait to see but first we needed to inflate the small water balloons using the little pump. We pushed the pump handle as fast as we could and watched the balloons get bigger and bigger. Pooja then helped us tie the end of it. We put our names on them as carefully as we could and put them to one side.


Then we all got super excited to hear that using the little balloons we were going to make chocolate nests with jelly bean eggs and ice cream for Easter. We carefully took each balloon and dipped it in the warm chocolate and swirled it around a bit.


They were then put in the refrigerator for a little while to cool. Pooja told us that they needed a second coat to make them a bit thicker. Once they had cooled we used a sharp wooden skewer to pop the balloons and remove them from the chocolate nest. They looked wonderful and made us so hungry! On the main table today we saw the origami rose that we talked about earlier in the week and a few of us came to start making one for ourselves. We chose 3 pieces of origami paper and then folded each of them 3 times to make a small triangle. We then cut the top edge in an acr and opened them up. We could see the triangle folds and from each we cut 1, 2 then 3 triangles from the shape. We put some glue onto each one and folded the shape to look like rose petals. We made a folded leaf to go with the rose and next week we will start to put the rose together. Later in the park we were going to do an Easter egg hunt which made us even more excited.


We saw the box of felt shapes on the carpet and together with our friends we made pictures on the Velcro wall with them. Pooja helped us act out some birds laying eggs on the carpet. Next to the Velcro wall we used the Puppet Theater to put on a Goldilocks and the 3 bears show for our friends.


After eating our yummy snacks we all got together on the big table together to see Pooja bring the chocolate nests out of the refrigerator. We added some vanilla ice cream and little jelly beans that look like eggs. They were so yummy! The chocolate started to melt along with the ice cream and had a wonderful time laughing with our friends to see their sticky fingers and faces. In circle time we asked “What is Easter”? and got some wonderful replies:

“It’s a rabbit day”

What did we make in the morning?

“Chocolate Bowl”

“We made a nest”

What lives in the nest?

“Birds live in the nest”

“Cubs live in the nest”

What do we call baby birds?



Have a great weekend and enjoy the spring weather!


All the children and teachers in Flowers Class