What animals hatch from eggs

We were so happy to welcome Nobu back in class after so many months away. He was so happy to be with us and we enjoyed playing with him and helping him learn English again.

Today, our teachers and many of us learnt that the Easter bunny jumps over the moon and brings you candy and Easter eggs. Apparently, it has your initial on the Easter eggs so if you know what letter your name starts with, you will be able to find your Easter eggs easily. This information came care of Griffin. Thanks Griffin! We all finished decorating our Easter eggs and some of us made an extra one because our friends are not at school today. Our Easter Egg hunt is on Friday morning so we want to be well prepared for it. We spoke a lot about eggs during the morning and gave our teachers some information about what we thought eggs are etc. We always have so much to say about things and today was no different.

Liezel helped some of our friends paint their paper cups because they were not at school yesterday and Hisami helped us make handles for them. We used pipe cleaners to make the handles. We had two holes in our cups and we threaded the pipe cleaner through the holes and twisted each end so that it would not come out. We are not sure what the next step is but will wait patiently to come to school tomorrow morning to see. Our cup is like a basket so maybe we will put something inside it!!!! What will it be?

We still love working on small Lego constructions and spent a long time building and showing them to our teachers. We looked at some books that Griffin brought to school and learnt some facts about animals and eggs. Griffin said that a tiger hatches from an egg however in the book it said that just like people, tigers are born from their mums. We then thought about many other animals and how we

think they are born. We knew that snakes, crocodiles, turtles and chickens hatch


from eggs. We also learnt that frogs lay eggs and insects. We noticed that the eggs on our light table are different. The ostrich egg is huge; the chicken eggs are regular size and the quail eggs are small. The quail eggs have patterns on them too. We placed all our eggs inside a basket with straw to mimic a nest.

We made some straw for our small nests by shredding paper with the paper shredder. We used scrap paper from our paper folder and put it into the slit. We wound the handle and watched the paper disappear into the plastic container. If we looked underneath, we could see the shredded paper coming out. The paper was no longer in big pieces but in small pieces.

We read books together in the library and read a story in small groups. One of the highlights of today was that it was a warm sunny day and we could go and play in the park……………….without our jackets! It was so great to be able to play freely and not feel restricted by our puffy jackets. The sakura were flying down from the trees and we tried to catch them. We collected a lot of petals which we plan to use for art. In fact, tomorrow we will probably put these petals and some of the sakura and other flowers that we found in the park last week, onto a piece of soft laminate. We are glad that we could collect sakura when it was sunny.

We started working on the sun for our Lego Garden, and it is a work in progress.

Welcome back to many of our friends who were away recently. We are glad to have everyone back in class again.

Love, all the children in Petals Class.