Jumping, crawling and running

Hope you all had a good weekend! Today is Monday and we had a great weather ahead of us. It was a busy morning because we had our morning activities prepared for us again. On our tables, we had our door lock puzzles and some 10-piece puzzle boards for us to enjoy. Our door lock puzzle was quite interesting because some of our friends just learned how to open simple locks and was able to move the hinges attached to them. When we opened the small doors, there were some animals behind them.


            In our carpet area, we had our cars and animal wood figures. One friend of ours was moving the bus on the shelf as fast as he could. When his teachers said, “You’re going fast”. He repeated the word, “fast” too! The wooden animal toys were quite popular too. We imagined that the ark was their house and we’re glad that we gave them a home. We also asked our teachers if we could get some costumes on our hanger rack. We got our spider-man, prince and princess costumes. They walked around proudly as if they wanted to show everyone how their costumes were. One of the princesses requested if they could also have the wings and crown. So, we took the head dresses out and there they found what they needed. They also went to the kitchen area and started cooking the food they wanted to serve.

            Monday is gym class day. For sure, we’ve missed Miyashita-sensei and we’re glad to see him again today. We did our warm-up exercises and we stretched our bodies from side-to-side. We also did the animal action and pretended that we’re all bunnies hopping around the classroom. Next, we had some obstacle courses prepared for us as well. First, we had the big green foam mat that we needed to crawl on, then some cushions that we had to walk on gradually and last, we jumped over the string attached to the two chairs on both ends. It was a bit challenging but we’re able to accomplish the tasks with enough effort.

            We went back to our classroom and had our snacks and sang a few songs before going outside. We split the group into two. One group went to the pond and the other stayed in the classroom for extended free play time. We prepared our shoes, jackets and smocks and we’re ready to go. When we arrived at the pond, we saw lots of sakura trees. The petals are starting to fall and it was such a beautiful sight. We slowly walked back to school and found our friends busy reading books in the library.

            During our short circle time, we talked about the egg. Since that we’re celebrating our easter egg hunting on Friday, we love to talk and learn more about it. The first question that we needed to answer was “What is inside the egg?” One of us said, “a chicken” and the other said, “yellow” “pink” and all the other colors. So, John cracked the egg and put the contents in a small bowl. We saw the egg yolk and it was like a yellow ball and the egg white which had no color. Nimo put it in the microwave for about a minute and when it’s finished, they showed us that the egg white was really white and the yolk became more yellow in color. We were all very curious and loved to learn more about the eggs. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day!

Lots of love,

All the happy children in Buds class 2016-2017