Down on the farm

November 8th, 2017

Dear Parents,

We had a great discussion around farms today and we all shared what we think the farmer does in a farm. We ascertained that farmers wear a hat because they work under the sun in the farm, they drive the tractor to plow the field, plant the seeds, water the plants, cut the crops, collect fruits, vegetables and eggs, rear the sheep and place a scarecrow in the farm to scare away the bird. We even made a farm on our observation table complete with barn, tractor, farmer, his wife, child and pets and farm animals. We placed the pigs in a pen, horses in a stable, cows, goats and sheep near the grasses, hen in a coop and ducks in the pond. Our conversation from today is displayed in the classroom and you are welcome to take a look when you come to school for the parent conferences.


We played a memory game in which we had to remember the five farm animals in the tray. Then Pooja hid an animal and we had to guess the missing animal. We used our brains to memorize the 5 animals and some of our friends really surprised us with prompt answers to the missing animal.

Then Pauline played a very fun color sorting game with us. We started by reviewing a few colored balls after which Pauline spread out the balls on the floor and played her ukele as we danced. When she stopped, we had to freeze and listen to her instructions to collect the ball of the color of her choice. We love to learn as we play, and this was a perfect example.

It was drizzling; hence we couldn’t go to the park. However, we tried to release our energy by doing yoga in class with Sayaka. She is excellent in creative yoga and was very excited to do farm theme yoga with us. We did yoga pose for various farm animals including dog, cat, bird, horse and rabbit.

Many of our friends completed the vegetable and fruit printing, whereas some of us worked on the birthday cards. A few of us worked together to solve a large alphabet puzzle and impressed our teachers. Some of us had fun solving a shadow puzzle in which we had cards with shadow of a few animals and we had to find the correct animal and place it on top of it. We also worked on our fine motor skills as we used our fingers to pinch the clothes pin to hang the toy clothes.

Today is the last day of our school this week because we have parent conferences on Thursday and Friday. We wish you all a happy long weekend!



All of us in Petals Class

Ohana International School