Never Give Up

November 13th, 2017

Dear Parents,

In keeping with our Character building values education, this month we will be learning about ‘Perseverance’. In simple words it means to ‘never give up’. Our teacher read us one of the books from the series of Values Education called ‘Never Give Up’. It was a song book and we sang as we read. The words of the song are as follow: -

‘Never give up (2)

Got to stick to it, got to keep trying, never give up

Things may get in your way

There may be a big delay

Never give up (2)

Got to stick to it, got to keep trying, never give up

Your first try may be a flop

But be patient and don’t stop

Never give up (2)

Got to stick to it, got to keep trying, never give up

Perseverance is what you need

Try again and you will succeed

Never give up (2)

Got to stick to it, got to keep trying, never give up

After we read and sang we saw that Pauline was trying to build a tall tower with the blocks, but it kept falling and she seemed to be frustrated as she said, “I can’t do it”. We all then sang ‘Never give up’ song for her and asked her to persevere.



Throughout the day, we sang this song to our friends when they found it hard to put their shoes or jackets on and this encouraged them to try and try and try till they succeeded. We all clapped for our friends S and L as they persevered to build their own tower with the blocks. From now on, we will be singing this song a lot in our classroom and our teachers have encouraged us to learn the words of the song.

Our friend T took Mr. Spotty home for the weekend and today when he got it back, he shared all that he did with it. T also got some pictures of Mr. Spotty with him and talked about the time they spent together. He explained that “Mr. Spotty loves dog food. I made it”. T also told us that he made a new house for it with a ‘dongbori’ (cardboard box in English) and shared his blanket with him. Then a new friend ‘Shippo kun’ (Mr.Tail in Japanese) joined him to sleep in the box. We were all entertained with T’s explanation and the way he presented his ‘Show and Tell’. Thank you, T, E will bring Mr. Spotty home today and we can’t wait to hear about their adventures together.

Monday means Miyashita sensei’s day and we were so excited to work out with him during our weekly Gym class. After the warm up exercises, we did the ‘Stop and Go’ activities in which we had to listen to the instructions and stop or go accordingly. We switched our listening ears on and walked, jumped, walked like a bear as we followed the instructions. We also did somersault, forward roll and balance for 3 seconds and it was quite tricky. However, Miyashita sensei is always there to help us, and we feel so comforted by that. At the end we played the ghost game and ran away every time Miyashita sensei said ‘Go’.

Other activities we enjoyed doing today was Farmer craft, in which we colored the drawing of the body of a farmer together with a big shovel and then posed with a farmer’s hat for the face of the farmer. A few of our friends have already completed the craft whereas many of us will work on it in the next few days.

Many of us had fun counting the plastic eggs laid by the toy hens in the sensorial tub. Since we could turn and open the eggs like we open a box, we decided to open all the plastic eggs of various colors and then tried to put it back on. Some of our friends loved building with blocks and made tower, crocodile, train, parking lot and more while few of us enjoyed playing in the farm.




All of us

in Petals Class

Ohana International School