Kicking off a great fall week!


Good morning everyone, Happy Monday! We all had a great sunny weekend and we’re all ready for school! It was a bit chilly outside, but once we got into the classroom we got busy with the activities and the cold didn’t bother us at all. On our art table today we had our free drawing canvas and we got to stamp on it. We got to choose our favorite color and stamp anywhere and in any way we wanted. On our activity table we had the leaves we got from the park last week. The leaves were very soft last week but today they were very crunchy. When we lightly touched the leaves they crumbled. It was a great sensory experience grabbing a hand full of leaves and crushing them, then feeling the tiny leaf bits run through our fingers. On the carpet area we had cars to play with and the kitchen toys to have breakfast with our friends at school.

Today is... Miyashita Monday! Undoubtedly, one of our favorites times of the whole week! After greeting our favorite gym teacher we got right into action. We started with our series of stretching and warm up routine and then into our obstacle course. We had to walk over the rope on the mat then jump on the round cushions without touching the ground. Because the mat is so squishy it’s a little difficult to keep our balance and have to make sure not to touch the rope in the middle. We were able to complete our obstacles and it was time for games! Our game that we played today was the Ghost game. We took five big steps to Miyashita-sensei then he turns into a ghost and we have to run back to our safe wall or else the ghost will eat us! Later in the game a Gorilla joined the fry, but no ghost nor gorilla are ever fast enough to catch us! We got away from Miyashita-sensei’s Gorilla & Ghost with ease. After Miyashita-sensei’s gym class we counted and named the colors of the fish and then washed hands for snack time.

Miyashita-sensei’s gym class helped us burn off a lot of our energy, but after a long weekend we had a ton more energy stored inside our little bodies. We decided to march on over to the green area and ran to burn out the rest of our stored up energy. We played Miyashita-sensei’s Ghost Game with Kiki. We lined up along the wall and Kiki would change into a different monster every time and came after us. We had to run to the other side of the green area as fast as we could. We we’re too fast for Kiki’s monsters because she couldn’t catch us! After a few rounds of the game we grabbed our ropes to go back to school for lunch time!
We had a great Monday, such a wonderful way to kick start our week. We have a short week for us buds, but for the parents and teachers there’s going to be Parent Teacher Conferences on Thursday and Friday. Thank you everyone and everything for another magical day! We will see you all tomorrow!
Buds 2018

Ohana International School