Of Pancakes and Special Photos


Dear Mom and Dad,


          Just when we thought that Halloween’s over– yet we were in for another treat! We made some yummy pancakes today!

After doing our jobs, some of us sat down with Hisami, and we helped her slice some mikan, and bananas. We tried our best to mash them. Then we made the pancake batter: we mixed flour, and eggs; there was one batch that we used soy milk, and another batch that we used the mikan juice. Then we mixed in the mashed mikan and bananas. Then, it was time to pour it in our hot plate!

The smell of the pancakes wafted through the whole classroom– it smelled heavenly! It was enough to draw Shelley into the classroom, heehee. We made another batch of pancake batter with her. Some of our friends put M&M’s on top of it; now THAT looked simply irresistible.

On the other table, some friends made pancake with Pauline, too– but with slime! They made all sorts of other things like donuts, worms, and snakes (which don’t sound yummy at all). Beside them, we had friends who practiced some threading with Liezel. We had to check the numbers on the pipe cleaners– that’s the number of beads that we can thread through. So, it was good for practicing our counting and number 

recognition, too!

          On the small table, we had friends who sat down with Kai. First, they made drawings on a piece of paper, then they drew it again on a sheet of black paper. This paper was like magic– they drew on it using a toothpick, revealing sparkly, rainbow colors. Neat, huh?

After cleaning up, Hisami showed us a bowl of chocolates– well, not to tempt us– but, to sort of experiment with. She put the bowl in the microwave, and we all sang while we waited for the Ping! When Hisami brought the bowl back, the chocolates have turned into—

“Chocolate slime!” G said.

“That looks kind of yucky…” J wrinkled his nose.

“Why do you think the chocolates turned into this?” Hisami said. “What does it feel like inside the microwave?” She asked.

“Hot!” We all answered. So, therefore, heat can turn some things into something liquid or squishy– mushy like slime. It can make things melt!

After having our snacks, we headed to the park where we had I’s show and tell. He brought two pictures for us.

“This is baby me… this is Tail.” I said, pointing to a cute dog. “This is me...mommy… and Tail.” he added, pointing to the second picture.

Where did you take your picture?” M asked.

“Umm… I don’t know..” I said. But he pointed to the carp windsocks behind him and Tail in the picture. “Look...It’s Koinobori,” he told us.

“Where is Tail?” we asked. “Is he in your house?” I shook his head no. “Do you play with Tail?” we wanted to know. Io shook his head no again. Aww... it would’ve been nice if we saw Tail one of these days!

So that ends our rather short week– how was your Thursday?



All the children in Flowers Class.


Ohana International School