A nice picnic at the park


Smile makes me feel better…smile makes me want to dance…smile and just smile all day long…oohhhh…my friend just smile and have a wonderful day…

            Another wonderful day in Buds class and we’re really excited to see what’s in store for us today. After our morning routines, we all sat at the carpet area and found some toy furniture on the floor. Our friends chose this toy set and we all gathered around just to pretend that we’re all a big family in a big house. In the morning, Chiaki told us that we’re going to do cooking. We got so thrilled about it and we sat down beside her. She got the oven out and some sweet potatoes that we would mash today. She put heated the sweet potatoes up so that it’ll be softer to mash. We then put milk in our muffin cups and mixed it up with the sweet potato. We put them in the oven and let it baked for quite a while. The smell was so good and we couldn’t wait to eat them so some of friends really waited patiently until they got their own piece.

   We were also busy in the kitchen area and Nimo fiddled away with his violin. We always love live music in the background because it keeps us calm and at home every time we hear it at school. One of the interesting activities that we did today was to play with our paper cups with eyes from our Halloween party. They were all pretty cool and it’s amazing how we listened intently. We met Orange Little Puppet Cup and Mr. Black (the black cup). It was really funny because they were singing Row, row, your boat and they both have funny voices. Orange Little Puppet Cup had a tiny cute voice while Mr. Black has a low and modulated tone. There were also the crocodiles who loved to snap, snap around the classroom. We were all giggling and not scared at all. Another activity was a magic trick with Kiki using the orange cups. Thank you so much Kiki for providing superb and exciting activities for us. We also practiced how to make big and small circles with our teachers and then sang more songs.

             We went to the park earlier today and had a wonderful picnic with our friends and teachers. We also brought the ukulele and we just enjoyed singing and dancing with everyone. Then, Petals class came to the green area as well and they ate their snacks with us too. We had a bigger group and we’re so happy to see the Ohana children playing and interacting with one another. Thank you so much and have a great day!

Lots of love,

All the caring children from Buds class 2017-2018

Ohana International School