It’s cloudy today.


It’s cloudy today…it’s cloudy today…it’s cloudy today okay…

I like to play, I like to play outside…

               The weather was gloomy today but luckily it didn’t rain at all because we’re all ready for a fun day again at the park. We started our day with a big surprise because we saw on our walls beautiful projections of trees and other movie clips about the fall season. It was so mesmerizing because we thought that the forest was actually inside our room. The room was filled with leaves and tree trunks around the classroom. There were also the little lights and rope lights on the ceiling and the floor. The blocks were around it too and it was really fantastic to see how we reacted to it.

            The tables were quite busy too. We had the counting bears and the connecting disks. These materials are always good to practice our cognitive thinking. We enjoyed putting things together and categorizing them at the same time. When we finished doing our activities, we said to our friends, “Good job!” with our thumbs pointing up. We continued our painting activity and enjoyed mixing the colors. We even splattered some paint on our faces but we didn’t care because we were so focused on finishing our art. It was indeed a productive day for all of us. Story time is always nice with our friends and our teachers took time and sat down just to read books for us. Today, we read about “The lady who swallowed a fly”, “The grumpy morning” and the “The number book”.

             After free play time, we gathered around the carpet. We sang our songs and called out our names one by one. We also counted our friends today and we’re just getting so good at these skills. The weather was cloudy and John showed us flashcards of different weather. We had sunny, rainy and cloudy. Since that it was a cloudy day, we picked the card up and showed it to everyone in our class. We sang our weather song and moved our body to it. We raised our hands, rolled our hands and shook our body from side to side. It was amazing how we were able to perform these actions because it made us alert all the time. Moving and learning are always connected in such a way it keeps our brain activated for the rest of the day.

            We also went to the park today and before going there, we put our shoes on. We kept on practicing putting our shoes all by ourselves because it’s very important for our skills and to help ourselves by taking responsibility for it. On the way to the park, we’re also very cooperative and we just held onto our ropes the whole time. Our teachers always reminded us on how to put our hands to ourselves while walking outside. Slowly, we’re getting used to it as much as we could.

            When we went back to school, we still talked about our friends and teachers. Kiki showed her magic star wand and this can help us to sing the names of our friends. We sang “Kiki finger, Kiki finger, where are you?” Then, she replied, “Here I am, here I am and how do you do?”

            Thank you so much for another informative and wonderful day. We’re missing some of our friends today and hope that they are all having a great time wherever they may be. Have a good day!

Lots of love,

All the little singers from Buds class 2017-2018

Ohana International School