Shichigosan - hakama and kimono cut outs


It’s a lovely day today, so whatever you’ve got to do, it would be lovely to be doing it with you! This is a song that Shelley remembers from when she was little. She remembers many things from when she was small, in preschool and a little older. Some of the songs that we sing, she learnt when she was little. Today we went through our “Favourite Things” song with Dev leading us with the pointer finger. You can see that he is pointing to the pictures which represent the words in the song. We are slowly but surely remembering all of the words and soon we may not need to look at the pictures!

Kai is so creative and we love this and so many other things about him. He showed Shelley, this morning, how he could make the paper with holes, that we painted yesterday, into a festive season tree, for our wall. He also made huge drawings of a kimono and a hakama. We are going to be using them for our festivities on    Friday, when we celebrate Shichigosan with some of our mums. Last year many of us dressed up for the event so instead of us actually dressing up this year, we thought that we would stand behind a cardboard cutout. At the moment, we are still putting fabric, origami paper and other accessories onto the cutouts. We will send a picture when it is complete. This is what it looks like so far.

This morning we celebrated our November birthday friends, Maddy and Io. Maddy’s mum and Io’s dad were there for the party. Maddy’s mum brought along party bags for each of us, to make something at home and Io’s dad, read us a story. It was great to have his dad read a story because usually we have grandparents or mums who do this. He read 

“Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus”. We love this story as it reminds us of ourselves. Often when someone tells us what we shouldn't do, we want to do it. Just like the pigeon! We really enjoyed the birthday party with Maddy and Io. We started the party by giving them their crowns. Io chose Riou and Maddy chose Mirai to put their crowns on. We sang “Io and Maddy are four today, they’re four years old this morning……” and then we all stood up and sang “When you’re happy and you know it.” We clapped our hands, we jumped, we shouted “Happy birthday” and we whispered “Happy birthday”. We counted four in Japanese, English, Hebrew, Tagalog, Chinese, French and German. Just before Io and Maddy blew their candles out, we counted up to four in        Japanese. Then we sang “Happy birthday to you” in    both English and Japanese. We gave Maddy and Io their cards and then they invited us to go and wash our hands so that we could start our snack and enjoy the delicious birthday treats. We had fruit and cookies in the shape of hearts. On the cookies there was writing which said, “Happy Birthday”. We loved the cookies and they didn't have eggs in them, so Dev could have one too. We are excited to look inside our backpacks when we get home to see the things that are inside our gifts from Maddy.

At the tables this morning, we continued working on our birthday cards for our December birthday friends. We enjoy making cards and drawing even though our teachers ask us to do 

this throughout the year. They also have to make many cards and try to think how they can make all of our cards different.

We would like to say thank you to Maddy’s family and Io’s family for their kindness and generosity at the party today. We love celebrating with our friends at school and of course, we enjoy the treats that they bring.

Happy 4th birthday Maddy and Io.

Today is Shichigosan however we will be celebrating on Friday. Happy Shichigosan everyone!

Love always, all the Flowers Class children.




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