Happy Halloween

October 31st, 2017

Dear Parents,

‘Knock Knock

Trick or Treat

 Happy Halloween

Happy Halloweeeeeen‘


Happy Halloween mums and dads. Thank you for coming to our school today and partying with us. Our day today was full of fun, laughter, songs and games. We had our snacks early when we came to school and got ready to welcome our parents with our friendly class witch who stood at the door with a ‘Happy Halloween’ poster.


We sang many songs as we waited for them and introduced ourselves as our character dress up. Our teachers asked, ‘knock knock, trick or treat, who are you?’ and we replied, for example ‘I am a monster’. After that Pauline played her ukulele and we sang ‘Go away big green monster go away’. Whenever it was our turn to say, ‘go away’ we sang loudly in unison and that was very fun.


Then Pooja explained that we have four game stations and we can take turns to go to each station. We were divided in 4 groups and each of us had to go to our specified station in the beginning. We had five minutes to play in each station after which we need to go to the next station. Pauline was our time keeper and she used her mobile to check on the time. When 5 minutes was over, she made a noise with her tambourine and we moved to the next station. Then we were given a Halloween stamp card and we had to remember to get the stamp after each game. We wondered if we would get a medal like Sports day after we got all the stamps?!?!?!?!

The first station was ‘Feed the Monster’ run by Karin, An’s mum and Pauline. The monster was hungry, and he had a big mouth. We had to aim and throw bean bags into his mouth. We used our gross motor movement and hand eye coordination as we played this game.

The second station was ‘Spooky Masks’ run by Rina, T’s mum and Sayaka. We could be creative and choose to decorate a pumpkin or a bat mask using eyes stickers and glow in the dark paint.

The third station was ‘Magic potion’ run by Pooja. This was actually a science experiment. We poured Vampire blood in a jack o lantern bowl (hot water mixed with red color). Then we added monster jelly to it (dishwashing liquid). After that we sprinkled 2 -3 tablespoons of ghost powder (baking soda) and some creepy crawlies (toy insects). Then before pouring the eye ball juice (vinegar) to it, we said our magic spell Iggety ziggety ziggety zoom and blew very hard. And whooooooooosssssshhh there was a chemical reaction and bubbly red potion came out of jack o lantern’s mouth. We were so surprised to see it.

The fourth station was ‘Bowl the ghosts out’ run by Yoko, M’s mum and Pernille. We had to use our strong muscles to bowl out the canned ghosts with a ball.

After playing all the games, we got together once again and confirmed that we had all got our 4 stamps. Then our teachers gave us spooky treats. They were clementine jack o lantern and glove hand filled with popcorn and candies. Some of us were scared to touch it and some of us had fun scaring our friends with it.

Then it was time to say good bye to our parents and thankfully we all settled in really well. Our teachers wonderfully distracted us with singing and dancing and yummy treats. We ate our popcorns and candies and then got ready to go for a quick walk around the neighborhood. We paraded proudly and said, ‘Happy Halloween’ to onlookers. As we walked, we also came across some haunted houses and admired how beautifully it was decorated.

An’s, R’s and Kensei’s parents got some treats for us and our teachers have placed it in our bags.

Thank you, friends, mums, dads and teachers, for a wonderful party. We will always cherish the beautiful memories we created together.





Little trick or treaters in Petals Class

Ohana International School