Sports Day

9th October 2017                      


The person in charge of the weather looked after us so well today. He/she must have known that Ohana International School was having a Sports Day. We woke up this morning and …………………we were so happy to see a beautiful sunny day, with summer temperatures. In fact, the place where we have our Sports Day event at Nanzan shogakko, was so hot. We had to have hats and sunscreen, so that we didn’t get sunburnt.

When we arrived at Nanzan Shogakko, with our families, we were so excited. The first races were for our parents. There was a dads race and a mums race. They ran so fast and we were happy to say that both races were won by Flowers Class viz. Ali and Rika san. Well done mums! The dads race was very competitive. Well done dads! And then it was the tug of war, which saw two teams holding a very thick rope and pulling it as hard as they could. We wathced the dads and mums faces as they pulled so hard…………..only one team could be the winner!

 Then it was the children’s running race. We ran together with Petals and Buds children all the way to the finish line. We saw some activities out in the middle of the play area. We were all presented with a programme and card, for stamping. There were six stations for us to take part in and when we completed each station, we received a stamp on our cards. The goal was for us to collect all six stamps; and of course, have participated in all the games and activities. There was a parachute game, where we had to try to keep a ball on the parachute while we waved it up and down. The ball bounced and bounced and sometimes one of our parents had to run after it, as it bounced right off the parachute.

There was a balloon popping game that was very hard. The balloons were very difficult to pop. We had to ask our parents to help us pop them. There was “tamaire” with red and white balls and we tried to throw them into the baskets. For some of us, the baskets were much too high but our older brothers and sisters enjoyed playing this game, because it was just the right height for them.

The hurdles were a bit too high for some of us, but we could go under them too, if we wanted to. The ball pool was fun as we pretended that we were swimming in the balls; and there were some things hiding inside the pool for us to try to find. Inside the gymnasium, there was one more activity; an obstacle course. What a fun day it was!  We were all presented with medals, acknowledging our effort in the races and activities.

“We like to run

We like to jump

We like to hop

We like to throw

We are flowers, GO, GO, GO”

 Thanks to Pauline, Chiaki, Kai and Nimo for organizing the event. It was a great success. Thank you Kai for designing the programme and card for stamping! Thank you to all our teachers for helping organize everything and thank you to Mark (Emily’s dad), Chevorne (Harriet’s dad), Teruki (Momofuku’s dad) and Alex (Lisa’s dad) for helping load things to bring up to Nanzan and for helping set up the equipment, so that it was ready for when we arrived.

See you tomorrow!

Love always, Flowers Class children