Music from a Box

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Music from a Box

            Happy Friday! It was pretty chilly and cloudy today, but we all still had a fantastic day! After greeting our Buds teachers and friends we quickly took care of our morning jobs. On our activity table today we had color matching jigsaw puzzles. One side of the puzzle had a color or a texture on it and the other piece had an object that matched the description. The colors were fairly easy to match but we needed a little bit of help for the textures because some of it was a new feeling for us. We had a new thing posted up on our Bulletin Board. It was a picture of all of our faces and the flag of the country we are from. It was interesting to see that our friends are really from all over the world!

            After we cleaned up our toys we quickly got into a circle and sang our favorite songs and danced to the music. For our circle time, Nimo showed us a cool gadget called a “Speaker”. He first pulled out his violin, but something was different about his violin today. Nimo told us it was called an Electric Violin, and when he played it no sound came out, we couldn’t hear the music. Then he plugged his violin into the “Speaker” and we could hear his violin from the speaker and not the violin. It was really interesting hearing the sound of the violin come out of a box. After experimenting with the “speaker”, playing different sounds at different volumes we sang and danced some more!

We went up to Flowers Class this morning to give Shelly and Jen a surprise birthday party! They were so happy when we sang “Happy Birthday” for them. We gave them crowns and a Birthday card. Pooja made them a special vegi cake which looked so yummy! We asked them how young they were and Jen said she was 10 (multiplied by 4) and Shelley was 16 (backwards). We gave lots of hugs, sang some more songs and we headed back to our classroom to have snack and get ready for the park.

            Because we didn’t have enough time to play at the park we took a walk to the Waterfall and we watched and listened to the trickling water. We enjoyed our downtime at the waterfall for a few minutes and headed back to school. The week goes by so fast, before you know it, it’s already Friday! We are so ready for the weekend, we heard that the weather on Sunday is going to be very nice! Thank you everyone for another fantastic week, we will see you all again at the Sports Meet at Nanzan Elementary school!




The curious Musicians of Buds Class 2018