October 10th, 2017

Dear Parents,

We had another fantastic day at Ohana today. It was such a beautiful sunny day and we had fun playing in the park. Our teachers mentioned that next few week days it’s expected to rain and hence we decided to ‘make hay while the sun shines’.

Many of our friends looked very tired today as they were yawning or just simply laying down on the floor or relaxing by leaning on the cushions. Most of our friends also slept during Quiet time and we guess it is the aftereffect of Sports Day. We discussed about it and some of our friends talked about their favorite station games. Feedback is really important as it will help our teachers to plan the ‘Sports Day’ event again next year.



We discussed the ‘roots’ of the plants today and learnt that carrots are actually the roots and grows under the ground.  We were a bit surprised to know that we eat the roots of the carrot plant. Then we looked at the carrot top we immersed in the water last week and saw tiny plants sprouting on top. Wow we were so excited. Can’t wait to see our carrots grow from carrots. However, our teachers explained again that carrot is actually a taproot and once removed from the plant, it can’t regrow. However, we can grow carrot plants from carrots top. We also read a book and learnt that since carrots grow under the ground, we need to pull it out and wash it properly before we eat it.

We enjoyed building houses, towers and castles with wooden blocks today and many of our friends also enjoyed singing ‘a a ants on my arm’ as they colored in the picture of an apple with the small and capital letter ‘A a’. Whenever we do some creative work, we like to have choices for the medium of work and today we had crayons and coloring pencils and we could choose whichever we wanted to use.

Many of our friends made chocolate bracelets with chocolate cereal and our teaches feel that it’s clearly our favorite activity of all times. It’s also a great activity to develop our fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Many of us loved spending time pretending to be puppeteers and did a puppet show for our friends while many of us enjoyed cutting activity. It was our first time to do a cutting activity in Petals Class and our teachers explained rules to use a scissor: - Firstly, we use it only to cut paper and secondly, we never walk around with a scissor while opening and closing the blade. We need to be careful when we use it because it has sharp edges and we do not want us or our friends to get hurt. We learnt to hold the paper with one hand and open and close the blade of the scissor with the other hand. There were strips of paper and some of us just snipped on the edge of the strip of paper while some of us could cut the paper in two.

Some of us decided to sort the fruits according to the color and fed it to Mr. Spotty, our class pet. Infact, when we had Music and Movement with John today, he also borrowed Mr. Spotty to play hide and seek with us. It was so fun to find the missing Mr. Spotty when Sayaka hid it. John also got along scarves today and we danced and swayed our scarves as we sang many songs. We also did some finger play and breathing exercises before we thanked John for another musical session this week.



Little musicians in Petals Class

Ohana International School