The day before Halloween - spiders have eight legs


It’s the second last day of October which means, tomorrow is………….Halloween! We love having fun when there are special events and we think that Halloween is one of those, where you just have fun, fun, fun. Our teachers keep on telling us to keep their dress ups, a surprise, so that when we arrive at school tomorrow, they see different children! Maybe they will just see Tinkerbell, or a pirate, or a princess, or Minnie Mouse or…………..And in the same way, we don’t know who will be our teachers tomorrow. Will Shelley, Hisami, Liezel and Kai be our teachers?

Today we made sausage and spaghetti spiders for snack time. The sausage was for the spiders body and the spaghetti was for its legs. We counted four uncooked spaghetti sticks which we pushed through the sausages. We tried to push them all the way through so that there were four legs on one side and four legs on the other side. The spaghetti sticks were straight before we put them into the hot water and when they came out, they were all wiggly, just like spider’s legs. We made the water a few different colours. The one was blue and the other was brown. It was not so easy to make black. It was fun to see the spiders before and after; and we can’t really say what was the most fun of our cooking/science experience today, but………….eating them was very nice. They warm and chewy and delicious.

As you know, Monday means gymnastics and Miyashita sensei, so we moved all of the furniture around in our classroom, in order to make space. We did all of our usual exercises and a few new ones. We like doing the same exercises each week, as it gives us a sense of familiarity and………...we each week we can practice on improving our skills in those that we know, how to do. We also gain in confidence and can believe in ourselves more and more. We played three new games today. Most of the time we do our exercises in two teams and this one, was the same. We had a green team and a red team. We stood at one wall and opposite us were the round colourful cushions. One time we hopped from our wall to the cushion opposite us and the other time we ‘bear-walked’ to the cushion opposite us. The second game was still in two teams. Miyashita sensei put a white rope on the floor with part of it overlapping on top of the large green rectangular mat. We had to balance on the rope. After that, when we reached the round cushions, we had to stand on one leg for five seconds. The last game was still walking on the rope and this time there were round cushions on top of the green mat, with the rope going over them too. We had to try to balance and walk up onto the cushions, still walking on the rope. Phew! You can see how challenging our gymnastics classes can be; and we have so much fun.


During the morning we had a long conversation about spiders and how we feel about spiders. It is up on the wall so when our parents come for Halloween tomorrow, they can see what we said. We have some photos of the real spider that Meg brought to show us.

Some of our friends are already in the Halloween spirit and came to school in fabulous dress ups today. Griffin came as Superman, Alona came in a unicorn dress and Dev came dressed up like a skeleton. We want to thank Alona and her family for the delicious cookies they bought us in Kanazawa, where they spent last week. Alona’s sister and brother were on school holidays so the whole family went there. The cookies had pictures of houses on them from Shirakawago.

Thanks for a fabulous day back at school and we also would like to thank the weather person for stopping the rain and chasing the typhoon out to sea. The skies were blue, the sun was shining, it was a little windy and this made our day even more special. The pictures here at the end of the journal are of us doing some Yoga poses.

See you tomorrow!

Love always, all the Flowers Class children


Ohana International School