Happy Slime :)

October 2nd, 2017

Dear Parents,

Happy October! We can’t believe it’s already October. It’s getting cooler now and many of our friends came to school in light jackets. The UV index is usually quiet low in October between 2 to 4 and hence wearing a hat could be enough protection from the sun, so sometime this week we will bring the sunscreen back. Our teachers mentioned that this month is full of fun activities and events starting from Otsukimi, then Sports Day, Taiko drumming with Moko Sensei, Diwali celebrations in school, potato digging and finally our Halloween party. Phew!! The list is so long but we are super excited.

Today was gym day with Miyashita sensei and we are always excited for that. We did our usual warm up and then started our exercise. Our main focus today was to develop a sense of rhythm and walking ability through a variety of jumping. We worked really hard because we know that exercise is good for our health and improves our heart and lung power. Then we played a rhythm listening game in which Miyashita sensei had to say aa ee uu aa oo. He was trying to trick us and we had to listen carefully. If he said ‘o o okashi’ we had to pretend to eat and say ‘musha musha musha’, whereas if he said ‘o o obake’ we had to run and sensei would try to get us. It was so fun and any guesses who the winner was? We the children and of course we cheered in unison.

We do Jolly phonics every Monday and today was no different. However, we didn’t learn a new sound today and instead revised the sounds we learnt in the last few weeks –‘s’, ‘a’ and ‘t’. We sang the letter song to go it and looked for the names of our friends whose name begins with these letters.  Our teachers were a bit surprised that apart from recognizing our own names, a few of our friends can also recognize names of our friends and teachers.

Other fun activities we did today were 40piece shinkansen puzzle, play dough with small wooden sticks, big animal Lego blocks and exploring our sensorial tub for things in nature like pine cones, acorn, leaves of different shapes and sizes, wood, branch of a tree and more.


We also attempted to make our slime today and hurray we were successful. We used the same recipe we used last time but added a little borax solution to make it a bit more stretchy. We are so happy our experiment was successful. Hurray!!


We are very excited for our Sports Day and have been practicing our Petals Class cheer we made together with our teachers:-

(To the tune of Wheels on the bus)

Petals Class is Number 1

Number 1

Number 1

Petals Class is Number 1

We are the best

WO hoo!!



Little Singers in Petals Class