Arrgh! We’re making pirate faces!

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            Good morning everyone! We are so happy the weather has recovered and stopped raining after this morning. But since the sky was so gloomy all day and we weren’t so sure if it was going to start raining again so we didn’t get to go to the park. Instead, we stayed inside and had an extended free play time. We had a lot of friends today so it was a lot of fun playing and connecting with each other. We also had a new friend join us starting today, her name is Chloe, and we all got along with our new friend Chloe very well! For our art table today we were making pirate faces. We started our craft by first painting a paper plate peach colored, we will be adding more things to it tomorrow. Very curious to see what the finished product is going to look like! On our activity table we had different kinds of puzzles to play with. We worked together with our friends and solved the puzzles.

            For our extended free-play time, our teachers spread out the tunnel and opened up the sensory tables. Some of our friends enjoyed playing with the tunnel and others preferred to play with the sandbox. The weather was looking a little unstable so we decided not to go to the park and take a walk to our favorite water fall instead. When we went outside the temperature was just right, it wasn’t cold nor hot. After we got back from the park, we gathered into the library and had our teachers read us some books. John opened up his finger puppet theater for us and told us a story about the animals in the jungle. Afterwards we all got up and sang our favorite tunes!

            Although the weather today wasn’t the best we still had a bright day inside the classroom! We are excited for what tomorrow may bring us. Hopefully the weather will be sunny so we can go to the park! Thank you very much everyone and we will see you all tomorrow!



The angels of Buds Class 2018

Ohana International School