How do you feel today, my friend?


It was cloudy earlier in the morning and we arrived at school with beautiful smiles on our faces. We also loved to see the activities prepared for us because we feel that they are always exciting and we learn something new with it. Another thing is that, we always find new ways on how to play with our toys and this only tells us that we love to discover/explore and imagine many things in our classroom.

              On our activity tables, we had some sensory materials. We were so busy using the small mallet and the colored bars. We hammered the little bars and made sure that we’re able to complete the task. Then, we had our sorting activity. The counting bears also come in different colors. We had four colors and they were red, blue, yellow and green. We slowly put the counting bears so that we can categorize them correctly. At first, we were thinking if we’re doing the right way but it only took one child to influence others how to play with our categorization today. We ended up completing the entire bears and finished it in no time.

              During our circle time, we stayed in our floor area and started playing with some toys but our teachers asked us to make a beautiful circle. We moved our feet and shrugged our shoulders then we sat down. John took his guitar out and we all started singing and dancing with our friends and teachers. We love our good morning song because we learned new names in the classroom. Our new friends are becoming more and more comfortable and we felt that they enjoyed playing with us in the classroom. After our usual morning singing session, John started his circle time. Our topic today was “emotions.” John showed us different faces of Nimo, there was happy, sad, surprised, angry, and sleepy. We had the pictures on the floor and we pointed to the emotion which we were feeling this morning.

              The weather this morning was a very cloudy and a little rainy we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to go to the park.  After we all finished our snacks we took a look outside and saw that the sun was slowly peeking out, we quickly got geared up for outside and went to the park! We stayed in the green area today and chased all of our teachers. Goh-san is so energetic and so fast! Being able to run around at the park is so much fun! Even though it wasn’t very hot today, we moved around so much we all came back to school sweaty! 

 Lots of love,

All the energetic children from Buds class 2017-2018