F is for "Fun" on the "First" Day of September!


    It was a beautiful day today, and we’re glad to welcome back Anneke in Ohana school today. She was certainly happy to be back; she was cheerful and ever- ready to play with us and do her tasks!

   Someone new came in today, as well; it’s Pauline, and she said she will stay with us every Thursday. Welcome, and enjoy your stay!

   For our morning free play, we saw some play dough on the table. Some of us pretended to be bakers kneading dough and cutting them into pieces with cookie cutters; some of us enjoyed carving out shapes.

  On the other table, we painted our hands together with Hisami; one hand was orange, the other green. We then did our best to make handprints as neatly as possible. Hisami told us to put our hands together, and it was interesting to see orange and green mixed up.

  We also had the chance to make use of our dress- up area. We tried on different hats, and some of them looked funny on us! Heehee! Some of us loved putting on the princess dresses and shoes, and we gamely posed for the camera.

   We also enjoyed looking over each other’s life books, and poring over storybooks in the library area. Some of us pretended to go on a picnic with Liezel, and we tried letting her “taste” the food we had. Boy, she must have felt full after all that! We also got a hold of some plastic eggs and dinosaurs; we put the tiny toy dinosaurs inside and announced to everyone,”We got the egg! We got the dinosaur egg!”.

  After the free play, we had to help our teachers clean up, and then it was snack time. As we finished eating, Pauline took out her ukulele to play. She was like a radio DJ, as our song requests came pouring in! We sang our favorite song, “The Wheels on the Bus”, as she strummed away, and we danced and jumped. Then, Hisami called us to the big carpet, and we read a special book that one of our friends brought for us, “I’m a Big Sister”. We saw a baby in the picture- the baby was soooo cute! We learned that as a big sister (or brother), we have to be very careful with them and use our gentle hands. We should also do our best to help them out, because they cannot do the things that we can do by ourselves, like walk, eat food, and go to potty.

  After story time, we went to the park, where played with our friends. We exercised our vocal chords along the way, and sang to our hearts’ content.

  It was a great September 1st for us. Wow, it’s September already? Time really flies by so fast, especially when everyday is a great day in Ohana. See you all tomorrow!

 Much love always, all the children in Petals Class.

Ohana International School