Amazing Rainbow Parachute

It’s Friday! Time flies really fast and we just finished the first week of school officially. Our friends are getting more and more settled in class and we definitely had a great time in Buds class so far. We finished our morning jobs and after that, we went straight to our activity tables to start working on our first drawing. On the other side, we also had some connecting disks and puzzle blocks to work on. We stayed and played with these manipulatives and we truly enjoyed working on them as much as we could.

            We went to our carpet area and saw the Mario Kart toys. We loved moving them around and exploring what we could do with these toys. We also got some Mickey Mouse stuffed toys and hugged them so tight. John opened the piano and he started playing some nursery rhymes for us. It was a great moment to welcome us and to enjoy the rest of the day together. After cleaning up, we all gathered in a big circle and our teachers showed the Jack-in-the-box. They slowly made the sound and waited for the jester to come out…and then…puuuffff!!! He surprised us and we all giggled.

            Our favorite song for today was “Skidamarink”.  This song really catches our attention and we all sang full of love and joy. Some of us were also very active in dancing. We shook our bodies from side to side. We also gave all our energy out until it was time for us to sit down and relax.

            In the library, we read the “Three Little Kittens”. It was the classical poem that they compiled into a book. These kittens lost their mittens until they found them again. As we flipped the pages, we were saying, “meow, meow!” because the book was full of cats, we saw a black one, brown one, orange one and many more. We also loved to see the book about numbers. We can actually say the number words already but counting consecutively and relating it to quantity need more practice. Not to worry, we are very patient and we will learn more about numbers eventually as we go along until the end of the school year. The important thing for us now is to be more settled and create a good relationship with our friends and teachers. Also, our highlight of the day was using the rainbow parachute that we have in our classroom. We spread the cloth and swung them up and down. Some of our friends were under the cloth and they were giggling a lot.

            After our snacks, we all went up to the balcony and played on the sandbox. We also liked to pick some black and white stones and put them on the floor. The bamboo watermill toy was very popular and we all spun it around and around. We all went down to our classroom again and practiced holding onto the rope. We are very positive about learning this skill soon so that we can all go to the park after a few more weeks. Thank you so much everyone for an amazing day. See you all again on Monday.

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School