Our First Full Day

Today was our first full day in Flowers class and we made the most of our play time. On the main table we saw the playdough we helped make yesterday along with some wiggly eyes and toothpicks. We started off by taking a piece of playdough and rolling into a ball in our hands. We then put the ball on the table and pushed it flat to make a circular shape, just like a face. We then added the wiggly eyes and used the wooden toothpicks to add a nose and mouth. Some of us used further playdough to add a nose, ears, mouth and hair. Next to the playdough area we saw a big light-box with some x-rays on it. When we looked closely we saw that many of them were of parts of our bodies including a skull, hands and feet. There were also some x-rays of other creatures such as a bird and fish too. We got the magnifying glasses from the science table and had a closer look as well. On the second table there were some numeracy materials which we tried with a whiteboard and blocks. To get the correct number of blocks we needed to look at the number and the color and then connect them together to fit on the tray slots correctly. The pirate hats, cars and life-books were again popular today on the carpet area. It was great to spend time with our friends lying down explaining who the family members are in our own life-books. On the free art table several of us practiced our cutting and sticking skills by cutting some orange paper into strips and then gluing them onto a white paper background. After packing away the toys and having our yummy snacks we headed for the park. It was a beautiful day and we took along our water-bottles as we knew it was going to be hot. In the park we enjoyed looking for more cicadas, using the slide and playing “What’s the time Mr. Wolf”? with our friends. In circle time we read a book called ‘I’m Sorry’ which told the story of a young girl and boy who were good friends and would play together every day. Later they shouted at each other and blamed each other for a while but eventually made up and said “I’m Sorry” to each other. We had some good ideas for times when we say “I’m Sorry” such as when we push or hit someone or when we have disagreed over something. We noticed that the word ‘Sorry’ starts with the letter ‘S”. For this week’s phonics and literacy we are reviewing the sound / letter ‘S’. We thought of many words beginning with this sound and made a list on the big whiteboard. Our list included: star, snake, snack, spoon, snow, shark, spider, sheep, snail and slug. We know the letter S and we then looked carefully in a book each to find as many letters as we could in the text. Some of our books had lots while others only had a few. We found the best way to spot this letter was to run our fingers slowly along underneath the text until we saw one. We hope we can enjoy doing some more work on this sound / letter tomorrow morning.


All our Love,

Flowers Class Children