Working Together

It was another beautiful day today and we were so happy to arrive and see all our friends in the classroom. On the main table we saw the papier-mâché artwork we had started yesterday. Today it had completely dried and so we turned it upside down and started to cover the other side with newspaper and glue. Once it is dry we will probably need to apply a few more layers though to make it thick enough to use before painting. A few more of us completed our skeleton x-ray tracing on the lightbox today too using plastic and a white paint marker. We are nearly all completed with this activity and can’t wait to see them go on the wall with our names. On the second table we saw the wooden shaped blocks activity and several of us decoded to give it a try today. Using the red parallelogram shapes we were able to make a picture of a bicycle. Next to the blocks was the Flowers Class play-dough which we used with the Mr. Potato Head modelling toy and soon there were 5 of us all wanting to try something new with the play-dough. Some of us noticed that the classroom furniture was laid out a little differently and we had full access to the play kitchen and dress up area. We heard several of our friends saying “Sharing is caring” when someone didn’t want to share out the toys in the toy jewelry box this morning which made us feel happy. The toy cars and race tracks were also very popular this morning with some of us using the launcher to push cars upwards towards the cushions. After clearing away the toys we practiced our Ohana song ready for the Sports Day on Monday and then with Pooja we started looking at a wonderful book called ‘Harry by the Sea’ which was one of our wonderful birthday donation books. Thanks you!  The park was nice and warm and we enjoyed using the slide together with our friends in a train fashion. We were disappointed we couldn’t water the plants and flowers as the water to the drinking fountain and toilets has been cut off. We hope the flowers will be okay over the weekend! In circle time we looked at a book from the series about caring and saw the book ‘Working Together’. In the book the animals all shared the task to make some carrot juice. We then tried the same thing as one of us moved a big heavy box across the classroom but found it was hard work and needed to ask one of our friends for some help. This made things a lot easier. We then had a lot of fun as two of us got together into one adult Ohana t-shirt and tried to do a simple puzzle and then out it away on the shelf. We managed to do the puzzle but dropped it unfortunately. Two more of our friends put on the t-shirt and tried to fill two cups of water from the jug and then pour the water back into the jug. It was a lot more difficult than we thought! We would like to try more of this activity next week too.

Wishing you all a great weekend,

Love, Flowers Class Children