Practice Makes Perfect

   Finally! Mr. Sun came out to play! Hello Mr. Sun! It was also really nice to see blue skies today.

   In the morning, we had our pegs out with some colorful plastic tubs. We played with Liezel and tried our best to clip as many pegs as possible on the tubs.On the other table, we had some interesting animal puzzles.There was also a magnifying glass that we can use to examine lots of things closely: sponges, tiny starfish, seeds, etc. We were so curious and asked our teachers about things we couldn’t recognize. There was also an insect puzzle, where we can move the toy insects by using magnets. That was really interesting because when we use the magnet, it looks like the insects are really crawling!

   Some of us played with the big blocks on the carpet. We tried to build them up higher and higher. Some of us helped Hisami make birthday cards. Do you know who it is for? Sorry, but we won’t tell! It’s a surprise, of course! Just like yesterday, when we surprised Shelley on her birthday. That was really a lot of fun.

  We also sang some songs with Pauline as she played on her ukulele. We welcomed our friends who came in with a “Good Morning” song. We sang “You Are my Sunshine”, especially for Mr. Sun. We were surprised that Liezel can also play that song on the ukulele! We also sang “Bingo” and practiced the Ohana song for Sports Day next week.

   Speaking of Sports Day, we also practiced playing some games for that day. First, we did the “Origami-on-string” game. We had to remove the origami paper from the string using only our mouths. Boy, was that a hoot! It’s either we looked like sharks jumping out of the water to get food, or it was like we were eating nori (seaweed). Heehee! After that, we did the “Egg/ Spoon Relay”, using pompoms first for practice. We did it in groups of threes as we held a spoon with a big pompom on it. We were so happy we were all able to cross the finish line successfully! Hooray! Then, we also practiced our Petals Class cheer. Mom and Dad, we should practice this at home, too, okay?

   We went to the park after, and we noticed that there were many leaves on the ground. It’s definitely autumn already! We must be prepared, because temperatures might get cooler any time soon. We also saw some donguri (acorn), and we happily picked up some. We sang “Donguri Koro Koro”, and Hisami told us it was about an acorn that fell into a pond, and was invited by a fish to play. They happily played until the acorn started to miss the mountain where he came from.

   It was yet another great day, and tomorrow, we would get to practice more of our Sports Day games. Are you excited? We definitely are!


All the children from Petals Class