The Firefighters saved the day!

Good morning everyone! We had a wonderful day today because we’re in for another adventure at Ohana. After we finished doing our morning jobs, we saw our morning activities and we were thrilled to get our hands on the jigsaw puzzles and the fire truck activity today. For our fire truck activity, we had a big cardboard box on the table and we started painting them with red. We used the rollers and some sponges to dip in the big trays and used all of our imagination to make scribbles and patterns on our soon-to-be fire truck. We’re looking forward to see the finished art work.

            In our carpet area, we put on our helmets because one of our friends brought his orange helmet and showed us how cool he was like.  Next, we all did our pretend play and got some costumes from the dress-up area. Our teachers were so kind to help us to put them on and we’re excited to play our roles in the classroom. What really stood out today were the fire fighters rescuing everyone. This was our imaginative play today and we’re so into it. We also got a hose that we used and as we walked around the classroom there were random people (teachers) who were calling out and said, “Help me! There’s fire over there!” Our special fire fighters went to the spot quickly and thanks to our driver who was also very willing to move as fast as he could all the time. Eventually, we all put out the fire and ran back to our station and waited for the next call. This time, our friend, Mr. Rabbit was on top of our kitchen play area and we just couldn’t find out how to help him. So, we called the fire fighters again and they were so nice and able to bring back Mr. Rabbit. He has a little bit of wound but our friend fire fighters already mended it.

            John put on his purple wig and we were giggling a lot because he looked a little silly every time he puts it on. Next, one friend of ours took the ukulele out and he started playing lots of songs for us. We enjoyed this special time because he was very entertaining that all of us were encouraged to sing for the rest of our morning. We went to the park early today and we brought some balls and Frisbee to play with. It’s amazing that the green area was so wide that we could run around and kicked the ball as many times as we wanted. The big blue slide was busy too and our teachers needed to watch out when we played there so that we could always be safe at all times.

            When we came back to school, we talked more about the fire fighters. We passed around the figurines and saw that they also wear a helmet. Our teachers showed us what our friend brought to school today. He had a different kind of helmet. It was for the construction work. We learned about the fire fighters’ helmet and it really helps them to be more cautious especially in times of danger. We always have to protect our heads to avoid fatal injuries.

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School