The aftermath of the tsunami

The message that we can bring from those who suffered and are suffering from the tragedy of the tsunami is (and please spread the word) that if you live in Japan and can go there and help, this is what is needed more than anything. We spent Saturday working with a 75 year old man, in Ishinomaki, cleaning his house. It was the most incredible day...removing debris, broken furniture, waterlogged tatami mats that were soooo heavy, helping him find photos which were the most important thing for him and also taking out undamaged plates and crockery from underneath an overturned cupboard......filled with mud. When I asked him, how he was feeling as we cleaned the house with him he remarked that he was fine and had to be strong. He carried and moved everything with the 7 of us as if he was 35 years old and then after 6 hours of this he said that he didnt know how to thank us......we then thanked him. There are many people who want to have their houses cleaned like him..........please please if you can go there, is humbling, it is eerie.....they need us.....more than things. There are no words to speak of when you see the destruction

There are many thoughts but they are inside

There are many sounds like the eternal clanking of metal in the wind

There is so much to see and yet it is all mangled as a broken doll

It is a broken heart, with a spirit that rises

To mend and heal and help and do

There is so much to do

To do

And we must do

And we can do