Party preparations

Our second last day was a busy day as we started to prepare our classroom for our party tomorrow. We helped pack away the materials on the office table and then we watched as the table legs folded flat and our teachers put the table up against the wall. There is more room now for chairs for our moms and dads to sit on. We practiced singing on the chairs on the mat and were not so vocal today. Our teachers are hoping that we will all sing with louder voices tomorrow. They also decided that our parents would sit on the mat on chairs and we will sit on the other side of the room on stickers that we will place on the floor or on chairs as well. Our end of year party should be a fun time for all of us where we sing and dance and enjoy being together with our friends and families. Our teachers just want us to have a good time and of course they would prefer it if they were not the only ones singing. At the very end of our programme we will show our families some yoga postures that we have learnt during the year. We are quite skilled at doing many of them and we have our favourites that we will do tomorrow.

When we arrived at school today we went straight to the play dough table. We had a new puzzle as well however our only focus was on the play dough. Finn did a fantastic job of rolling his clay into snakes and then he would cut them into small pieces and place them into a coloured plastic cup. Sui made her play dough into tiny balls as she likes to do. She too placed them in her cups. Jamie wanted to cut as soon as he arrived at school today so he sat at the office table and cut some coloured strips up. He pasted them into his portfolio. Then he came to the play dough table and cut the play dough too. He is developing his cutting skills and this was a great opportunity; as play dough is soft and malleable and easy to cut.

Renshi and Finn wanted their teachers to make letters with the play dough. Shelley made an upper case and a lower case “s”; then they asked her to make the first letter in both of their names. They also wanted her to make a lower case one of each letter. So Shelley made an “R” and an “r” and an “F’ and an “f”. We put the play dough to the side of the table and prepared to get ready for snack time as Shelley had a meeting downstairs. After snack time we had yoga. It was good to relax; breathe deeply and do a few postures. Darren placed the yoga cards near the CD player so that they are all ready for tomorrow.

We spent time in the library as well as sitting on our chairs reading our books. Some of us chose really big books which are harder to balance on your lap when you are sitting on a chair. Darren read us a fun story called the “Alphabet to the rescue”. It is a story about the letters of the alphabet that rescue a cat stuck in a tree. It sounds a little strange that the letters of the alphabet could save a cat; well this happened. The letters of the alphabet can do many interesting things. In fact there is a word in the alphabet that is the same as a number. Can you guess it? Yes, to is the same as 2, except you spell the word for the number 2 differently. There is also one letter in the alphabet that spells a word. You is the same as the letter “U”. Ha ha, playing with the letters of the alphabet is amazing.

We can’t believe that tomorrow is the last day of school and we feel lucky to still be able to come to school for summer school from Monday. Wishing you all a good afternoon; early to bed and all set for our big day tomorrow

Love Shelley and Darren