Bienvenue Marie!

It was a rainy day in Tokyo today and we had a full day inside our classrooms doing lots of learning through fun games and activities. When we arrived at school the school notice board said “Welcome Back to Tokyo Marie”. Marie was the first person to work in the office and she went to live in London at the end of last year. She came back to Tokyo just to visit, because her OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhusband Tim had a meeting here in Tokyo and one in Hong Kong. It was so lovely to see her and she recognised some of us and couldn’t believe how big we are now. She loves our new school and thinks that we are so lucky to have such an amazing school for our preschool education. We also love our school so we can understand that she loves it too.

Today we went to the multi-purpose room so that we could play on the equipment and some of us had not seen the slide since we did not have school on Friday. We also have a game there with balls and a Velcro circular board. We have to throw the balls and see if they attach themselves to the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAboard. Sabine held the board for us as usually it is attached to a wall. We have posted some photos here today of Christina wedding our little garden in front of the school together with our new pet, a toad. She said that it is a frog however our teachers think it is a toad and they don’t believe that if you kiss it, you will see a handsome prince!

We started off our day drawing in our “books” and on paper as well as doing cutting and playing DSCF3105with play dough. Of course we also had time for free play and dressed up in the home corner as princesses and other characters using the clothes that you have there. Clodia and Olivia wore their princess dresses for most of the day, until we went down to the MPR.

We played a game where we held hands in a circle and then we thought about different actions to do. We gave our teachers some ideas; jump, hop, blink our eyes, stamp our feet, tap our feet, clap our hands, turn around, nod our heads and much more. We also sang some echo songs and we are becoming really skilled at this. We sang “Twinkle, twinkle little star”; “ABC song” and “I hear thunder”. Then we sang “Copy Cat” which we love and the last and most challenging thing that we did was to sing a “canon”. Sabine, Liezel, Nanako, Lilian, Zachary and Tokutaro started singing and then Shelley, Clodia, Olivia and Allie came in next. DSCF3085We all sang amazingly well and are mastering the art of singing a ‘canon’.

Upstairs, Noa, Sean and Beckett used the “Kapla” blocks and built a tower in a square pattern. FJ and Jennifer wanted to do junk art so Darren and Ayaka put out the huge container of junk art materials for them to use. They made robots using lots of tape and markers.

We read the book “Fox in Socks” and instead of our teachers reading it to us, we listened to the story on a CD. The voice was nice a loud and clear and it was fun to hear the sound effects in the background. In this story there are lots of birds and we could hear the sounds of chicken and crows while the man was narrating the story. We tried making rhymes with some words that we know e.g. cat – hat, bat, mat etc.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe sang a song called “Fly through the air” and we did actions around the classroom to demonstrate how we think we can fly. We continued focusing on birds during the day and looked at books on birds. We then drew a bird with just a pencil and we used either our fingers or a brush to fill in the shape. We chose small brushes for small areas and larger brushes for the larger areas. After washing our hands we made penguins using origami but this time we made parent penguins as we had already made the children penguins. We learnt that the baby penguins sit on their father’s feet while the mothers go away to look for food. Miya made a stuffed dolphin as she was away when we did our stuffed sea creatures. We were so happy to be able to take our sea creature’s OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhome today.

There are lots of people coming to see our school so sometimes Shelley has to leave the classroom to take the people around. We are really lucky to have so many special teachers in our school to take care of us all the time.

Love always Shelley, Darren, Nanako, Ayaka, Christine, Goh, Liezel and Sabine