Playing together in the MPR

We had so much fun downstairs with all of our friends and teachers at Ohana International School this morning. Because of the rain we all went down to the MPR and played together for a while. When our friends from upstairs arrived we were in the process of preparing to play a game using the coloured balls. We went through all the colours and looked at our friends and teachers to see if any of them were wearing something that matched the colours of the balls e. g. Marc was wearing purple pants and a blue top; Liezel was wearing a yellow top; Vincent had on a green jumper; Clodia had a reddish pink top and Lily had on an orange top. Together we all had turns to collect different coloured balls and place them inside the ball catcher. Not OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAonly did we have to find the matching colours but we also had to count to three.

Earlier in the day, we welcome Jake, Lily’s cousin who is 15 years old. He came to our classroom with a selection of books to read us and we were really happy to meet him. He sat at the table with us while we drew in our books. Our teachers made us each a book to draw in. At the table we had hole punchers, a stapler, erasers, rulers, pencils, sparkly pen, coloured pencils and markers. It was like our own office where we worked! Vincent and Lilian had a great time punching holes in their books while Tokutaro completed his entire book first by writing his name on the cover and then drawing a face, making eggs and when he was finished, he announced: “The end”. We all drew in our books and will work on them tomorrow and Friday.

 The story that Jake read to us today was called “Click, clack, moo, cows that type”. It was a fun story about cows on a farm OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthat liked to type on an old typewriter which is an old fashioned machine that we have never seen before. The farmer became upset with the cows as they didn’t want to be milked; typing was all they wanted to do. They became so engrossed in their typing that they sent messages to the farmer from the other animals on the farm.

In library time we read the story about the “Hippopotamus with Hiccups”. We all sat listening intently as you can see from the photo. We forgot to mention that we had a turtle at school today! Here he is in the photo below!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

 Upstairs we all came to the table to see the Koi Nobori that were made from paper. We had two large ones that we were going to decorate. We used sparkly pens to draw the scales on the fish. These will be works in progress as all of our friends like participating in the activities that we do at school each day.

DSCF1084During library time, we read a book called “Dolphins” which was a non-fiction book as it contained many facts about dolphins that we didn’t know. We learnt that they like to eat little fish and plants and that they dive in the water and can swim deep down into the ocean but they have to come up every now and then. They usually swim in schools which is the name for a group of dolphins. We wonder if they go to dolphin school…..hahahahaha! In the book we read about a dolphin that rescued a lady who had fallen into the ocean. We all tried to surf like dophins do. They surf down the crest of waves, as they break, just like surfers do on their surfboards. During circle time, we examined real coral using magnifying glasses. We didn’t realize that coral has some small patterns on it and only when we looked through the magnifying glasses could we see the patterns.DSCF1062

We continued working on our individual ocean scenes and took some sea creatures that we had previously made, out of our draws where we keep some of our work.

We had a treasure hunt using silver coins. As we got near to the treasure our teachers said that we were warm; when we were right at the treasure they told us that we were on fire and if we were far away, they said we were ice cold…brrrr!

Love always Shelley, Darren, Nanako, Ayaka, Christine, Goh, Liezel and Sabine.